Volkswagendiscrimination by vw of south charlotte, service dept.

I wish I could give a raving review about my experience at VW of South Charlotte. Due to Joerg Kuehni, that would be impossible. Nobody likes to give a bad review, that means that they had a bad experience and it affected them in someway. Joerg was so condescending to me and accused me of breaking my own window that he actually made me cry. He told me that unless there is a code that they can not fix it. He informed me that VW does not allow that and they can't take my word for it. He recanted that statement after he said it. From the first phone call to him when I made my appointment he was so disrespectful and so unpleasant that I didn't want to deal with him. When I asked him his name and I repeated it back to him, he spelled it so slow pausing after each letter, being rude. I asked my husband to take the day off of work and go with me since he heard the noise too and Joerg already implied I was making it up. My husband and I dropped off my car and from the moment we stepped into Joerg's office he was trying to intimidate me from his body language and told me that there was nothing wrong with my car and accused me of breaking it on purpose. Joerg treated me very rude and was talking down to me, I do believe it was because I was a woman. He talked and dealt with my husband completely different. With my husband there I did tell Joerg that I felt he was discriminating against me because I was a woman and he didn't believe me because I was a woman. He responded by saying, "I am sorry you feel that way. " I responded by saying, "That is the opposite of an apology, obviously you don't think you have done nothing wrong." He then said to me, "You are offended because I didn't laugh at your joke." I told him not to comment on how I feel. I asked who his boss was and he just said "John", I replied, "just John?" He then told me his last name. The entire time he talked to me he was tearing up a piece of paper. This was very threatening to me. I felt like he could snap at any moment. I knew my husband wouldn't let anything happen to me. There was not one other female employee in the service department. As a woman I would feel very uncomfortable and unsafe to-go back to VW South Charlotte alone. As we left that day, Joerg said in a very sweet and sarcastic tone, "Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays." I was wearing a Santa hat, so he obviously knew I celebrated Christmas. I turned around and said, "really? Again condescending." He was mocking my beliefs. My husband was furious, he told John later, that Joerg had 2 upset customers in his office and his is going to say in a happy voice, "Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays." My husband took the way I was treated way worse then I probably did. He has encouraged me to come forward and tell how I was treated by Joerg. They of course were unable to fix my car and my husband had to take it back. It is a shame that I can no longer do business with the dealership I bought my car from due to the fact they allow an employee to treat a woman differently than a man. That is discrimination.

Dec 11, 2018

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