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Volkswagen / damaged goods and no resolution

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Good Day.

I have a VW polo 1.6 vehicle which I bought brand new from VW braamfontein in Feb 2011. The vehicle is still under its 3year Manufacturer warranty. My car has overheated and broke down 3 times in a matter of 6 months. On the 1st Incident, I lodged a complaint with the VW customer care centre as well as the dealership, and I was assured the matter was fixed. On the 2nd incident I then escalated the matter to the Desk of the Managing Director Mr. David Powels after which I was once again assured that the matter was resolved. This past Friday Night, my car once again broke downand overheated. The same incident has occurred 3 time now on a new vehicle, with no resolution. These incidents have put my safety at risk and have caused me a high degree of inconvieniance. May I add, that on all 3 occassions, I was denied a courtesy car by the VW dealerships, even though the breakdown was their fault. What disturbs me is that I have had 3 of these incidents already during the 3 year warranty, which means I will be sitting with bigger problems when the warrenty ends. The warranty is ending in 1 year. As a consumer, I either want my car fixed, with a guarantee that it won't happen again, or I want my car replaced or I want VW to take the car back and terminate the payment agreement. I refuse to pay for damaged goods that comes with a high level of stress and inconvieniance.

I am now turning to you in the hope that you will assist me, as I have tried everything in my power with VW south Africa but have failed.

Below is the last letter which I sent to the Desk of the Managing Director of VW SA Mr. David Powels. [protected]

THE CEO / Managing Director
Dear Mr. Powels
                                      RE ENGINE VIN NO : AAVZZZ6RZBU022201
I have just about had it with VW’s lack of competency & lack of after sales service. I have a Polo 1.6 Tiptronic which I bought brand new in February 2011. May I add, that the vehicle is still under it’s 3 year manufacturers warranty and is still under a full maintenance plan.
Last month, my vehicle over heated and broke down leaving me totally stranded. To highlight  that, I was appalled at the level of service rendered by the Rivonia Dealership to which my car was towed to. (I had at logged a complaint for that at the time). My car was kept at Rivonia for 3 days, after which, I was assured that the problem  was ”FINALLY RESOLVED”. This morning while on my way to work, my car overheats and breaks down for the SECOND TIME, leaving me stranded once again ~ a total inconvenience, as I had an urgent meeting this morning to attend. I am the Manager of Woolworths Sandton. The meetings I attend are critical. The worst part is, no one knows why the car is overheating. If this is happening to my car now, within the 3 year Manufacturers warranty, I will simply be left bewildered with bigger problems after  my 3 year term is over. My new car is overheating and breaking down every month.
1.   My car that VW has sold to me is clearly defective. A new car cannot overheat every month just after two years of buying it.
2.   I am left inconvenienced & totally stranded in unsafe environments every single time – because of VW
3.   I still continue to pay VW every month without fail, even though the car is sitting for days at YOUR dealerships because of YOUR defective workmanship / manufacturing.
4.   No courtesy car was offered in my instance by any of your dealers. When you ask for one, they immediately say Sorry, they cannot help as they are out of cars. Cannot help? when I am left stranded because of VW?? This has now happened on both occasions by Rivonia and Braamfontein.
As a consumer, I feel that my CPA rights have been infringed upon, more strongly the following:
1.   The Right to quality Service – I have received incompetency, unwilling service from VW south Africa and its dealerships especially while it is the fault of VW’s workmanship.
2.   Right to return goods – As a consumer I am entitled to return unsafe or defective goods, INCLUDING goods that are of inferior quality
I am totally disgusted and disappointed at the quality of your products, as well as your after sales service. Never in my life have I experienced such inconvenience. This is the 1st and Last time I purchase a VW car. As a Brand you really need to step back and re-align your focus on two things: Customer and Product.
As a consumer, I will be lodging a formal complaint with the Consumer board.
I need my vehicle replaced or a better solution if you have one. I refuse to suffer day in and day out for VW’s negligence. I am sitting with a new car that is totally unreliable.
If my grievance’s  are deemed  unfit for your attention – my legal team’s letter will be on Germany’s desk.
Mohamed Saleh

Mar 10, 2013
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  • De
      15th of Aug, 2013
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    Hi There

    Please can you look into the attached query as a matter of urgency and revert with feedback.
    I have had nothing but trouble since March 2013 after booking my vehicle in for repairs at Barons Durban
    Please find attached pictures of their poor workmanship.
    Please note that Volkswagen South Africa have been extremely unhelpful and therefore I have now proceeded to take this matter to my lawyer and the media to expose Volkswagen South Africa and Barons Durban of their poor workmanship, bad customer service, fault findings and damage to customers vehicles instead of repairing it.I had been having endless problems with a rowdy sound coming from the engine area on cold start as well as whilst on idle a sort of irritating knocking sound which was related to the fuel pipe on my Golf 6 TSI.
    I was advised by Barons VW Durban that no fault was found on my vehicle and that it was one of the characteristic of a TSI engine.
    I then booked my car in at Hooper's Volkswagen in Durban on the 19th of July 2013 for a second opinion and only to find that Barons Durban did not follow proper procedure and that it was not normal for a TSI to sound like that.
    Hooper's Volkswagen together with the help of Volkswagen Factory assisted in getting my vehicle repaired and up to standards.
    Now my vehicle is out of warranty as of the 19th of July.
    Please find attached job cards, letter of apology, Md office letter and also letters from the dealer principal advising no fault was found.
    I have also attached the letter from Hooper's Durban advising on the fault findings from Barons Durban and also the work they have conducted.
    Who compensates me from March 2013 to date for the inconvenience???
    My car was more at the dealership than with me???
    Now I get told that I cant even get a master car warranty as compensation???
    Shocking and pathetic customer service all round???
    Is this how Volkswagen treats their valued clients???

  • Pe
      28th of Mar, 2014
    0 Votes

    I totally agree vw service is going down. I took my car for service 3 March 2014 whereby I fetched my car and was told they did not have 3 parts and I must come back the next week. Very inconveniently as my job is demanding so I took it today 28 March when I had some time. Just to fit airfilter, ponofilter and spark plugs cost me over R2000. Labour for this cost me R975. This is ridiculous as my 1st time I took it cost me R1400 and that is oil change etc. I will never go back to any vw dealer again!

  • Ca
      9th of Apr, 2014
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    Paul Miller Volkswagen - They still didn't inform me about my request
    Paul Miller Volkswagen
    118 Morristown Rd, Bernardsville
    New Jersey
    United States

    I bought car from Paul Miller Volkswagen, but after several weeks it turned out that headrests were fault. I contacted the rep and asked to replace them or repair, and the rep told me that they would contact me. I waited couple of weeks, but nothing. I called them again, and they again promised to call me back, when they would be ready to replace the headrests. They are liars and scammers. Please, post your comments and share your views about this company.

  • Te
      9th of Jul, 2014
    0 Votes

    I'm going to try to keep it short. My 2005 Caddy Pick-up started giving problems about three years ago, where it just suddenly give a oil warning and then refuse to start again.
    I took it to VW Menlyn, they fixed the problem, ( after working on it for 2 weeks ). Not a year later I took it back for the same reason.
    So I was upset already, and so they fixed it...even though I was not happy. This was in December 2013.
    January 2014, guess what, shame troubles. And so I have to pay again...WTF.
    Ok now...this is 6 months later...guess again...Yes, its there now for the SAME problem!!

    Can anyone tell me what to do? 'Cause I'm sick of this poor service / management


  • Cr
      22nd of Jul, 2014
    +2 Votes

    East London and King Williams Town should be looked after by the VW South Africa, their service is very bad.

  • Lb
      1st of Oct, 2014
    +1 Votes

    Good day Mr. Powels
    Re: Latent defects on a brand new Vivo Polo VIN: AAVZZZ6SZEU026224
    Kindly assist as I need to know where I stand after I have proven on 4x occasions that this vehicle I bought has defects and VW is unable to fix it nor can they prove why problem occurs.
    I logged a complaint with [protected] on 19/09/14 whom has failed to arrange an appointment with Regional VW Manager (Lebo). I am saddened with the poor service received and will do my best that the public knows about this as I am now sitting with a car VW refuses to take back or replace. Service managers at VW Fury Northcliff and VW Bryanston advised me the defect on this car is normal. My life is at risk my safety is compromised and I am paying for a car they cannot fix.

    I bought a brand new VIVO on the 6th September from VOLKS Motors Zeerust and since have been experiencing problems with.
    Front & rear suspension and gearbox. The car has been booked in 4x times with VW that failed to eliminate the problems and instead advised me that it is normal. There is knocking noises coming from the gearbox and still experiencing knocking noises from front shocks. I am losing time from work and spending money every time I have to arrange to have this checked.

    15/09/14 – VW Bryanston swoped rear shocks and ignored my other concerns on the car.
    18/09/14 – VW Fury Northcliff greased the shocks to eliminate noises and ignored gearbox noises and front shock knocking noises.
    19/09/14 – VW Fury Northcliff, advised me that the noises I am hearing is normal after service manager confirmed with me that the noises are there but normal however could not advise why other VIVO does not have that defects when we did a comparison.
    19/09/14 – I sent an e-mail to VW customer service department: [protected] who was supposed to arrange an appointment for me with regional VW manager (Lebo)
    26/09/14 – Lebo failed to meet with me instead I had to speak to another branch manager by the name of (Nigel) that could not even greet me and drove my car like a maniac and to just tell me that the is fine but could tell me why other VIVO does not have the same sounds/problems as mine.
    01/10/14 – I was supposed to meet with Lebo again today however for some strange reason I cannot meet with him again.

    Please assist
    Knd regards

  • Ag
      19th of Jan, 2015
    +1 Votes

    If you want bad service and have a lot of money to through down the drain
    VW Ermelo is the place to go. Ask for Jaco (workshop manager) to assist you, he will ensure that you are stuck with a broken vehicle. His lies will fill your days with joy
    So disgusted with Volkswagen.

  • Fa
      19th of Feb, 2015
    -1 Votes

    In January 2013 I bought a brand you VW Polo GTI -

    In the 4th month it started using oil, if you don't know this car's oil costs R120 per liter. I kept going to the dealer and they kept saying its normal. I had to prove to them by their silly test. Eventually last year they looked at it and turns out my engine was completely done over.

    On top of that, the car use to shudder badly when changing to second gear. So, after going back 5 times they i booked it in they checked and did replaced the clutches.

    Why my brand new cars engine was done over i still don't know. I got the car back, after 7 weeks. With all the panels out of line. skew bonnet, skew bumper, skew grill, left head light not working (still not working) yesterday I loud rattle started coming from the bottom end of my car and was puffing white smoke after sitting in some traffic. I had to book it in again and they reckon its a mounting?? this is 2 years in after purchasing a car that costs R250 000.00

    -what will i do next year when the warranty is expired?
    -this is clearly defected

    this is car inconveniencing me to such a large extent and I am simply told my VW SA they only honor the warranty and fix what breaks.

    VW SA sold me a defected vehicle for a 250 thousand rand and there's nothing I can do?

  • Ch
      23rd of Feb, 2015
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    Good day, I'm totally not happy with the service I am receive form Barons N1 city. I took my car in 3 weeks ago for warranty on my car door rubbers and shock for my boot. I waited three days for feedback until when my car will be fixed. Called the branch DP and was requested to bring my car in on the Monday. Got to the branch and left my car their. When I got to work the service adviser called to inform me my car wont be done the same day, (how inconvienent) sitting at work without any transportation to get home. Collected my car the same day and told them that I will take it home and bring It back the Thursday till Friday. Not even offering a courtesy car to customer or mentioning it. took it back the Monday for the paint work to be done on the boot. which is today 23.02.2015.only be called today, that my car wont be ready today but will be ready for collecting tomorrow 24.02.2015. sitting at work without transportation again home.

    totally disgusted with this customer service im receiving...

    Ms CB Adriaanse

  • Cl
      16th of Apr, 2015
    0 Votes

    I have purchased a golf 6 tsi from benoni citi in september 2011, ever since may 2012 I have been having endless problems with this car!I lay complaints but I guess its just a procedure to show that nothing ever gets sorted out!since september 2012 I drive with a 5l water bottle in my car-till now!the car has been in 4times for this problem(while under warranty) but the problem hasn't been solved!!the car is out of warranty and the problem just started again...and I get told that I have to sort out the bill because the warranty is over but its the same problem that was never fixed!! VW IS DISGUSTING!they know how to rip their customers off!!

  • Cr
      20th of Apr, 2015
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    I purchased a brand new Volkswagen CC 2012. I have spent over $14, 000.00 in repairs. DO NOT PURCHASE A VOLKSWAGEN!

  • Mk
      20th of Apr, 2015
    0 Votes

    Not enough info to make a judgment on this complaint.
    I work on cars all day long and find that people do not take care of cars the way they should.
    In the case of MOST VW CC owners, they do not understand the basic concept of what they have. They use the WRONG oil because the proper oil cost too much. They do not service the Transmissions, Brakes Fluid, Clutch fluid, Transfer Case or Power Steering fluid at 36, 000 miles because they do not feel that it is REALLY needed even though it is listed in the owners manual & Check Chart. Then they all complain when things start going wrong.

  • Kh
      28th of Apr, 2015
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    I bought a brand new Polo Bluemotion in 2012, since then it have been to VW more than i drove it, the problem is tha faulty fuel filter, EPC and Catalytic converter those things cause my vehicle to lose power, volkwagen is failing to solve this problem, as i am writing this complain my car is at VW tri- sec for a same problem, last weekend i was on standby and i phoned them to tell that i need a car since i am on standby but nobody helped me, i spoke to the lady her name is Angelique, she promissed to help me on friday till today i am still waiting, my service advisor Johan Mallan is a useless ###, he is not even telling me wat is the progress, i recieved a final writen warning for not responding to the callout because i ddnt have a car, i am sick and tired of VW i dont want this car anymore i want my money back, next month the warranty is coming to an end and i dont know what i must do plus i might lose my job because of vw selling us expensive piece of trash that is gud for nothing. my car Reg No is HKM751MP, My name is KKM Mbatha, please help me to escallate this matter, i have tried all channels failing this is the last one, i will NEVER EVER BUY A VW CAR.

  • Pe
      12th of May, 2015
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    I bought a bought a brand new Golf 7 GTI and took delivery on the 16th of March 2015. after about 3 weeks after delivery i noticed a rattle in the engine bay so took the car into to be inspected at the dealership where i bought it ( Lindsay Saker east Rand mall), i was told that the engine oil was a bit low ( topped up) and that a few other things were tightened. the rattle was still there after this. i took it back again and it was eventually found that the actuator arm on the wastage, on the turbo is loose ( it's supposed to be a little loose) and rattles under acceleration at low revs. The Golf 6 GTI also had this problem and was fixed with a clip that tensions it just enough as not to rattle. Anyway the long and short of it is this : my car has been back to the dealership no less that 7 times and it only has 2500 km's on the clock, they have tried a few existing clips but to no avail. Here is the cherry on the top though : I have now been told that VWSA have no fix for this issue and that i must just wait for them to come up with a suitable solution. Basically telling me that VWSA have not had enough complaints about this issue therefore it is not a priority for them at this stage!!...R450 000.00's worth of car with a bad rattle and i must just grin and bear it until THEY decide that they will now fix it??...This is my First...and Last VW that I buy, i'm so sorry I bought this car. Peter van Rensburg. Centurion. 083 268 7270. [protected]

  • Fo
      9th of Sep, 2015
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    I took my VW Tiguan in for her service today. Because I work in the area, I decided to make use of VW Rivonia's service (or lack thereof) What a disappointment! There was only one lady attending to all the customers while the rest of the staff were sitting around having a cup of coffee. Being a Mercedes Benz owner for many years I was surprised how little these people cared about the brand. Customers were not attended to and left standing around without any place to sit or a cup of coffee offered. If only the staff had the pride for the VW brand as the staff at Mercedes Benz it would made a huge difference. Maybe Volkswagen should send their staff for training and some tips how to deal with customers and how to make their customers feel they are the most important person and not have the "don't care" attitude they have. What a shame !

  • Za
      2nd of Feb, 2016
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    My Polo 2014 model is a nightmare. It was towed for the third time today from Swaziland to Alan Hudson at nelspruit within a period of 6 months.I am desperately looking for a buyer.I will not recommend VW to any one!!

  • Ma
      1st of Mar, 2016
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    I bought a Brand new Polo TSI 1.2 2015 Model from VW Barons in Woodmead 4 months ago. Last week i had a flat tire so i had to replace it with a spare wheel, but the experience of changing the tire became a nightmare. When i was about to replace the flat tire, i realized that it had a lock nut, so i looked for the lock nut key in my boot and i could not find it. Which was strange as it should come with the car just like your spare wheel, etc, but i searched i could not find the lock-nut key, which meant that i could not replace the flat wheel. What was even more shocking was that when i looked at the other tires, they all had different lock nuts again with no keys. How do you explain that????? I then phoned the guy from vw who sold me the car, but told me that he is in fourways and i should go to the office and i will find a guy by the Name of Anton for help as this thing happened not far from the Woodmead Baron Office. So i made plans to go there, had to ask one of my colleague to come and take me there, we got there and found the Anton guy who was amazed and shocked by what i was telling him regarding the no lock-nut key and the lock-nuts being different from the other 3 wheels more especially considering that the car was bought as a bran new car. So he searched in the store room and came with an old lock-nut key for me to try on the affected wheel, he said if the key does not work I SHOULD FORCE IT IN SO THAT I CAN CHANGE THE TIRE. So we then went back to the car, and found that the key did not fit, so i we tried to force it in and it took we hours to do that as we did not have any tools to help us with that. the lock-nut key eventually got in and we were able to take it out, but affected the rim. All this happened on the 20th of February which was on a Saturday, so i went to the office on Monday around lunch time as i wanted to speak to the Branch Manager or anyone who can help me, They told me that the Manager does not sit in the office but sits somewhere else, but i can speak to the Financial Manager. it is an Indian lady, very friendly. She listened to my story and wrote some points down while i was still talking, she even asked to come and see the car, she saw the car and took picture of the different lock nuts from all the wheels and also took a photo of the affected tire. She then took my name and Numbers and promised me that she will definitely call me after an hour if not the following day. You will be suprised that until now i have not received a call from the Barons office, no email, no sms nothing, for a chance i thought maybe they lost my numbers, but the again they should have records as i am their customer. I am driving with a spare wheel to and from work everyday, what will happen to me when i get another flat tire? who will i call and who will help me, IS THIS THE SAME VW THAT TALKS ABOUT CUSTOMER SATISFACTION?? MY INTENTION IN TO GO TO THE MEDIA AND REVEAL EXACTLY WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME, THEY IS NEVER ONE MONTH THAT I MISS WITHOUT PAYING AND THEY NEVER FORGOT TO DEDUCT THE MONEY FROM MY ACCOUNT, BUT IS THIS FAIR? CAN SOMEONE PLEASE RESPOND TO ME AND ADVISE WHAT IS THE WAY FORWARD WITH THIS ISSUE, I AM UTTERLY DISGUSTED WITH THE SERVICE I RECEIVED FROM VW BARONS OFFICE IN WOODMEAD NOT ONLY THEM VW AS A WHOLE. I WISH I CAN TAKE THIS CAR BACK AND BUY ANOTHER ONE FROM THEIR COMPETITORS. 078 1017785

  • Ca
      19th of May, 2016
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    A year ago I purchased a VW Polo 1.2 tsi 2015, VIN number AAVZZZ6RZFU069895 from VW Umhlanga Durban. 2 months ago the engine blew and I was not given a courtesy car and I have to still run up and down for the necessary documents to get sorted out. This should not be my problem as this is a factory fault. I do not understand how you expect me to run around for these documents to be certified without a vehicle. I called Dawood from Umhlanga VW Durban and I was told to get a copy for my contract and logbook from the bank. Should the Dealership from which the vehicle was purchased not have a copy on hand for these instances? Due to VW not giving me a courtesy car we have lost out on a lot of business and continue to do so due to the unreliability and lack of safety that your vehicle has put me in.

    I cannot get the necessary documents through to you again as I do not have the means to do so. So if the one’s you have are not good enough well then VW can keep the car. You SHOULD NOT have to replace an Engine on a new car anyway.

    This is unacceptable service and will be taken further.

    Candice Drabble

  • Se
      27th of Jun, 2016
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    Good Day

    I'm driving a VW Scirocco which i bought in 2013.

    I would like to lay a complaint against VW in Kimberly. I previously stayed in Klerksdorp where my car was serviced. I have recently moved to Kimberly where I took my car for service on 24/06/2016 for 45 000 kilos. I have never been so disappointed with such poor service. in the morning when I took my car in I had to stand in a queue with one person only assisting and wait for a driver to take to work for more than an hour. Whilst waiting for the driver, one very angry came in screaming and swearing about his car which made me unsettled as I booked in my car. I waited for a call or updated about my car but nothing. Around 16:00 I called them to find out about my car, only then was I told that they are still busy servicing my car. I asked the service adviser when was he going to alert me and that I had no means of transport. The driver was then sent to fetch me and when I arrived there around 17:00 there were a lot of us waiting for our cars. Some where fuming with anger for such bad service. I only got my car just before 18:00 with the problems still in existence. The problem with the air conditioner still there and the engine warning light still on. I was told by Michael, the service adviser that there is a part that should be ordered and as soon as it arrives they will call me.

    My worst fears came to life when the two guys working in Volkswagen followed me to my house and both stopped at my gate and tried to chat to me. that made me suspicious as this guys had access to my car keys and everything and now they come to check where I stay. This incident made me suspicious of these guys. They said they were dropping off a car in my street but I watched them and they both drove in and out of my street without dropping off the car anywhere. I am now fearful that these guys do robberies or work with syndicates and they give them our details and other information. I can not sleep at night because of this incident.

    The following day after service, my car windows started not to close properly which I didn't experience prior to the service. I would like this matter investigated further as I now live in fear that my car or households will be stolen. I will be opening a case at the police station for investigation or lay a complaint for anything that happens to me, my family or my belongings.

    My colleagues warned me not to service my car in Kimberly, that i rather drive to Bloemfontein because they had bad experiences that's why they never service in Kimberly. I take that this is serious and should be seen as urgent. I would appreciate your response to my complaint as soon as possible.

  • Le
      28th of Jun, 2016
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    Hi, in 2015 my company bought a Jetta 1.4 TSI DSG. barons Durban before 15000km the cruise control had a fault I took it to barons right Bruma as I left Durban they told me they updated the software on it and the reverse camera, the fault kept on coming back and I was told to monitor it they waiting for VW SA to give feedback it's been a year now waiting for VW SAs feedback. In March this year I decided to take over the car over so it can be mine while I was transferring the car to my name the car failed the national traffic road worthy I took it to barons Bruma they told me there is liquid in the brake fluid I have to pay for brake fluid service it's not covered in the warranty I paid for it because I wanted papers for the car from department of transport, twice I got battery problems and VWSA sent technicians to jumpstart and later they told me they changed the battery. In June this year the engine light came on while I was driving I took it to barons Bruma the told me it's the filter and I must pay it the warranty is not covering it I paid it after 6 to 7 hrs the light came ON Friday night driving on a freeway i called the manager he advised I must drive the it and bring on Monday, Monday they Told me some bolts on the engine was not torqued to the correct specifications, hours after I left the dealer the light came back ON next day I took it to the dealer they told me there was liquid in the plugs they cleaned them, I drove the car for less than 59km the light came ON I took it back and left it for three days with the dealer they borrowed me an uconfotabble Cross UP who that day I got it I had to drive it for 350km trip and come back after two days my body was so painful and I took 2dats to recover, they called me and said Vwsa has advised them to put a chemical into the fuel tank because there is a mixed liquid in the engine the chemical will clean it one the tank ran empty and after I fill up the tank the light will disappear I filled the tank three times and still the engine light is ON. I've been in contact with the office of the managing director of VWSa the car is still faulty they even refused for to speak to him .yesterday I went to the dealer they told me the don't have the diagnostic tool they still fixing them today they plugged it and told me I must keep monitoring the car I refused cause almost every day at work I'm giving excuses if my car and my boss told me I must not tell him bull ### because he's paying me car allowance every month, I work with elevators and I travel long distances and at night as well this car is not safe and reliable I cannot drive with the engine light ON.they gave me a polo vivo a very standard one is also uncomfortable as well, tomorrow I'm taking it back I need a car Wich matches a standard of moment barons Bruma is waiting for VWsa to tell them what to car is still under warranty and I don't understand why VW does not change the engine or give me a new car. Friday I'm meeting my lawyer with all relevant documents of the car I'm escalating the mater further because both the directors office and barons Bruma as well as Vwsa they failing to fix my car.even today VWSa hast give feed back on the cruise control is more than a year for the engine light not be more than a year I had to do this .its an embarrassment to me because everyone at barons know me and my car .can someone act on my case please.This is very urgent

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