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Vodafone - Sim Only Contract With Passport Service / wrong number, no &passport& and now no connection at all

1 london, England, Greater London, United Kingdom
Contact information:
Phone: none, thanks to Vodafone

Dear Sirs,

Below letter is related to account number 680 xxx 439
Number: 07xxx737 (From Orange)
Number you had given me for no reason at all, then blamed it on me and now disconnected: [protected]

On the 8th of JULY I have signed up for Vodafone SIM only services online. At the time of my order I have ticked all the necessary boxes and supplied Vodafone with Orange PAC code to transfer my number. I was told it will take -2-4 working days for my order.

I have received a SIM card from you on the 14th of July, activated it whilst in UK, and was told that PASSPORT was set up on the account as well. It did not occur to me you have issued a sim card with a different number.

I have flown to Greece at midnight. On landing I have discovered that Passport service is not set up, and later realized I no longer have my requested number (xxxx737), as Vodafone, without any warning, gave me a different number. I was essentially cut off from anyone who had my number.

After 3 days on the phone to customer services at least Passport was set up. My attempts to set it up via SMS failed, as there was no response.

I then inquired as to why I was given a wrong number. The answer 6 people in your customer services gave me was “Oh, I don’t know”. On the 17th of July I spoke to Andrew, who said there is not much Vodafone can do, apart from disconnecting the wrong number. He said 0xxx737 could not be activated whilst I am abroad.

I explained to Andrew why I need to keep my Orange number. He suggested I go back to Orange on pay as you go to keep the number. Andrew was about to check how long the PAC code and number will be available to me if it is not activated with Vodafone. He put me on hold to see what could be done and the call was dropped.

I then called back to 5555 and at least set up the Passport.
I spoke to Chris (Christopher), who was very helpful, set up Passport for me and informed me that looking at my account he does not understand why online team did not issue me with the correct number (0xxx737) in the first place, when they were provided with a PAC code on the 8th of July.
He then suggested I speak to online team and put me in a queue. Unfortunately the call was dropped again, as I was calling from Greece.

I had to call back again. I was put through to someone entirely incompetent who said they couldn’t connect me with online team, as my “contract” started on the 23rd of April. This is completely wrong, as I joined you last week.

I had to call back to speak to someone again (July 17th), and was transferred to a girl in online sales department. All I wanted is to find out what could be done, when and how can I keep my Orange number. To my surprise she assured me I can have my Orange number whilst I am abroad, and offered a connection on the 21st of July. I explained to her once again that I am abroad. She said “I Understand. Just keep your phone switched off your between 11 and 4 pm on July 21st, when you switch it back on your original number will be working”. When on the 18th of July I referred to this conversation your employee Adam said he has no trace of it, as the girl used a “different system”. How convenient.

At about 4 pm on July 17th my line was disconnected altogether with no warning.

Here is a cheerful email I found in my inbox: “Hello Miss Rozanova, i m pleased to inform you your port has been successful and
there is no need to wait til 21st to use your phone. Any queries please contact us
on [protected]. Hazia@ECARE”

At no point Miss Hazia or anyone else who made this connection happen told me I would NOT be able activate this number whilst abroad.

I have called [protected] at 9:58 on the 18th of July. After 10 minutes of waiting time paying for a long distance call
I was put through to Adam.
Adam’s answer was “The number did not come across correctly. Let me have a word with the port team. Hold the line please”
Another 6 minutes on hold.

Adam then returned to me and said I was “Advised by Andrew not to port my number”, and now that I insisted on “porting” it, there is nothing that could be done, until I am back in UK.
He referred to my conversation with Andrew, who apparently advised me “not to do this”, when, in truth, he has not given me “advise”, but was in the middle of finding out more information when the call was disconnected.
For the following 30 minutes Adam continued blaming everything on me. He was borderline rude. Did not offer any reasonable solution and it did not occur to him to apologize for the mistakes the Vodafone online team made starting form the day I signed up. He also continued saying that nothing could be done.

Then Adam suggested keeping two contracts (with the dsiconnected temp number and Orange number), this was bordering on insane, as the next thing he said I would be paying for two numbers, but I won’t be able to activate them or use them whilst I am abroad.

I have then asked to cancel my contract with you (as it is still within 7 days) and give me back my Orange number. He said if I cancel my number (0xxx737) will be lost to me forever, as it has not been activated on Vodafone and does not belong to Orange anymore. And he can not provide me with a PAC code.

The only suggestion he had for me – was me paying the line rental on inactive number (0xxx737) until I get back to UK.

I am abroad for the next two months, working. Cut off from my number of 12 years, losing freelance jobs, as people cannot get hold of me. The amount of distress this has caused me, and continues to cause and financial loss is overwhelming.

From day one Vodafone failed to provide services advertised and agreed on (keeping my number and setting up PASSPORT for European roaming) and now does not provide any communication services at all, and I am paying for this.

I am now in Greece. I am paying for Vodafone line rental on the inactive number. WHY? I cannot even use a voicemail to inform my contacts that this is what happened. I have spent 45 Euros on calls to Vodafone customer services from mobiles here in the last 3 days. Vodafone repeatedly ignored my emails, did not send any acknowledgment or receipt.

I did not join Vodafone for a free mobile phone or a gadget, I joined because it appeared to advertise the services I needed. I brought in my own handset and my own number. All you had to do - is to provide mobile communication service. In which Vodafone spectacularly failed.

Due to your negligence my order went wrong. You did not fix the problem, but made it worse. Now – you blame me.

I am asking for a full refund of the line rental on inactive line.

I am asking for a working mobile connection with my number of 12 years OR my number being released from you.

I am asking for a compensation for all the troubles incurred in the last 3 days.

If I will lose any of my freelance jobs due to lack of telephone connection I will take Vodafone to court for financial damages

I am sending this to Offcom, Which magazine and will seek legal action.

Kind regards,


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