Vodafone / Prepaid 3g Sim Mobile / fraud by technical complexity and confusion

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I am in Torrevieja Spain and bought a prepaid SIM card for my mobile 3G enabled phone. It cost €14. I got instructions to send a specific code: 'TPTarjeta' via SMS to 22521 to activate unlimited internet access for 2 weeks (actually you supposedly get up to 20MB/day but never mind that). This is all fine and good, however when the card is inserted in the phone the 3G Internet works without any code being sent. You then find out in a few hours that you have used up all your credit because you did not send the Internet activation SMS. Once you send the SMS you are supposed to get a confirmation. This does not arrive though and one ends up calling the customer support number they give up. I ended up spending about €35 in two days because of the complications in getting this to work. On the third try, the SMS did not work so I called the customer support line 22189. They supposedly activated the Internet thing and I got an SMS in Spanish telling me it would not get activated until after midnight (they run some batches or something like that). So if I used the 3G service during that day, I would never get the activation because the credit would be finished. I would have to go back into the shop the next day and buy more and again try the activation etc.

My complaint is that Vodafone in Spain is using tricks and technical barriers so they never have to deliver the promissed "good deal" on internet access. Most people will end up paying many times over for this because of the complexities, weird conditions and barriers set up. These are not properly explained in the shop when you buy the SIM card. They don't tell you that you have to wait until midnight for activation and they don't tell you that the SMS message may not work (it never worked in my case). Only much later did I get the explainations after wasting time and money. The ticket name on the purchase is 3957 and the Product names on the receipt are: 1Uds WP 9i 11. gts €9 and 1Uds REGARAS PORT COM €5.

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