Vodafonepay as you go phone

Literally the worst experience I have ever had. I got a pay as you go plan. When I added more money to the phone, they switched the plan so that two weeks of local calls ( 6 calls ) and using the map ( as I used my iPhone for wifi and with whatsapp ) was 80E!!! I paid the 80 so that I would not have to top off again. When I went in to ask what was going on, they LIED!!! They said they cannot access any information on their computers...HA. I went to another Vodafone store and they SHOWED me that they CAN access the info. I walk back the the first place and say please look it up and this insane dud..not kidding..starts YELLING at me. I am like, " What is wrong with you? This is my money, not yours!" I ask for a print out of the information and he says he cannot. So I go to his side of the screen to take a picture and he LITERALLY says: :You cannot do that this is Vodafone's information. I say " Um this is my payment information". He starts yelling and jumping up and down...for real..Finally I say " Are you on drugs or something?" He jumps away like a crack addict..really ! I am totally astonished and mutter "Loco". He flips..I run for the door. I go back to store number two, which I just left like 20mins ago, the guy I spoke to is gone and all the guys there are like "No entiendo" so i pull out my trusty google translate and explain what happened and that the other store had it on their computer that they changed my plan to some insane plan. The guy points to the door and says no like Vodafone guarda la porta...OMG. So I say it makes sense that Barcelona would have a transit strike with he MWC is happening so that no other telecom companies can set up shop and sink Vodafone. He says to his buddy "Que dijo ella?" (What did she say?)..So i say, "So you speak English?? Super nice!" They scream "BYE!"

Feb 24, 2016

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