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This company is ###. I signed up for best mate, and used to be sent a message about when I need to up my balance for Best Mate to roll over. Now they expect you to know ehen the service expires. If you dont realise it has, you just go onto the regular calling network again. Even if you put money on.

Let me explain this clearly.

I sign up for text 2000 and Best Mate. At the end of that time Vodafone used to send a message saying that it was expiring and you needed to top up your funds for it to roll over.

They then realised that if they didnt warn you, you would switch back to normal cell usage. They don't tell you when you top up that you are no longer on the bestmate plan. You call your best mate and have a good yarn and run out of credit...!!!*** You call customer service... that now costs money (###s) and get told " You should have known it would run out, we no longer tell you you have expired", (wankers). They didnt tell me they were stopping the warning service either.

Telecom used to be bad, but not this bad. As soon as the Telecom G3 network (or equivlent) comes out im switching.

Vodafone is ###.


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  1st of Jun, 2010
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I am with you man,
Me and my bf are in a long distance relationship and rely on vodafone's best mate to keep in touch since we hardly see each other we talk a lot with best mate cause its the cheapest option and we tend to go over the limited minutes they are putting on it now that they are doing this we will not be able to talk as much and I cant move to be with him for a few years yet so this is pretty much [censor]ing things up
I am very angry with Vodafone and am very tempted to change to 2 degrees
  1st of Jun, 2010
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wrong topic didn't read right but [censor] it Lolz
  9th of Jul, 2011
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vodafone bestmate suks havn limits 1000mins n 1000txts wont last a month, once it runs out url have to wait til the day it recurs lol.
  9th of Jul, 2011
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ye bo it wont evan last a month tha kaea ufas .lol. mite change to 2degrees tha kefes . bestmate is makua kio as these daes lmfao

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