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I just wanna describe the Worst Customer Service Experience i've ever had and I know Pen is Mightier than a sword... And, the bad service was from the Mobile Phone Service Provider, a.k.a., VODAFONE...

Today(10/7/09, 21:00 hrs, I.S.T), I happened to commit the biggest sin of my life.. Call the Vodafone Customer Care... Not because i was jobless, but i was not able to make calls... Every time I dialed a number, i get an error as "NETWORK BUSY"... To me, the network is Vodafone... I called the customer care number: [protected].. And i land up to a great Customer Service Rep.. BADRI... God knows what kinda people vodafone recruits.. Damn guy, never understood English... I had to repeat myself 100 times... Then he came up saying, "I"M UNABLE TO HEAR YOU, DISCONNECT AND CALL US BACK" and the Customer service rep disconnected the call... Then I had to call them back.. I was unable to call anybody else other than the god damn vodafone customer care.. Now we've another person BASHA.. I tell him the entire story, he kept interrupting and without allowing me to speak... den he asked me to try with another mobile phone and call 'em back.. I actually tried that already.. The minute i said that to him he was like "ARE YOU LYING".. I was really angry, called him ### and hung the call.. 30-minutes later, same problem, called back the customer care again.. MY stinking fate, reached the same guy.. "Badri", who refused to put me to his manager, then placed on long hold and disconnected the call...

Then I realized, Vodafone does recruit good people... I Spoke with UdayaKumar.. He was very polite.. That too a customer like me.. He asked me what was required, listened to me and responded accordingly and made sure that my issue was fixed.. I spoke with his manager Gopinath, to give him a pat..

But the experience i had with the other two guys was miserable.. Tat too with me!!!. I do the same job...customer service as well... But i felt like shooting myself when i went through such customer service agents.. felt ashamed of myself... If i was their i wuld fire tehem right away...

BUT.. No more vodafone... I'll say this to everybody I know.. I cannot expect to reach UdayaKumar each time... Vodafone Customer Service On the whole.. SUCKS...

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      Aug 12, 2009

    I agree. I had a problem trying to add a 2nd prepay line to my online Voda account. It told me to call 777 - I did - it cost me $1 to call. Talked to a lady who what short and rude. I told her she was rude. She didn't agree... It's almost like Jerry Springer - I HATE Vodafone. They are a monopoly and they know it. Cocky ###ers. I can't wait until other companies compete.

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