Vodacomworking on how to speak to a customer. "if you nice to me I will be nice to you" treat me with respect.

I phoned Vodacom, Due to an arrangement with them for payment on the 25th, our lines were still blocked. The first person I spoke to, was friendly and professional, I waited an hour without the agent getting back to me so I tried phoning the call center again.

I spoke to three different agents and each of them placing me through to collections and each time they keep cutting the line ( Which is extremely un professional as I am wasting my valuable time by getting cut off ). One of the agents sounded extremely condescending which is not the correct method of providing service as far as I understand each company that wishes to strive for greatness treat there customers with RESPECT and without any disrespectful tone! This is not the first time. I expect action or I will spread the news that Vodacom employees agents that are rude to there customers.

As I explained one of the agents (Paul last agent to assist me) and sorting out my issue it's the way the agents speak to there clients. The way the agents handled me as a client I feel disrespected and feel like changing my service provider in the future.

Feel free to investigate the recordings. Or call me and get the info.


Salome Fouche

Jan 20, 2017

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