Vodacomvodacom not honouring contract / insurance - still not fixed it since may 2016 - vodacom

Taken out a contract with 2 phones ... one for me and the other for my son. Took the option off taking out insurance on both phones and this has been deducted with the monthly debit order. When the one phone got damaged in May 2016 we took it in to the Vodacom shop in Richardsbay shopping centre (Board walk) where we purchased it. They booked the phone in and told us it might take up to 3 weeks because the phone goes to the repair centre in Umhlangha. After about 4 weeks I went back to the store to query on when will we get the phone back. They then realise that the phone has been lying in the store ... not fixed because I have to sign a form from the insurance to pay the excess of R150. I asked them why no one has contacted me because I would have gone in to sign it because I really need the phone for my son that is only 16 and travels back and fort every day from Mtunzini to his school in Richardsbay . They booked the phone in again under Job number [protected] and gave me the Managers number for the repair centre (Malcom- [protected]) NO ONE contacted me again and the whole "run around" was repeated again where I had to go in and query about how far they are with the phone and since then they keep on giving us the run around. In Nov last year I just gave up and went to another shop in the same complex for help where a very nice young man (Ty de Eager) tried to help me but he couldn't get any joy out of them either. He contacted one of their consultants and requested a copy of the contract and she said she will have it the next day ... when he enquired about it the next day he also got the run around with excuses like she printed it but don't know where she put it. After this I went in myself to the store and got the excuse that she is not at work whereby I insisted to speak to their manager. He promised me he will resolve this and refused to give me the shop owners number. I had to go back again because he didn't contact us and now he is giving me the run around. One of the girls in the store send him an e-mail from her computer in the store to contact me and this still hasn't happen!!! If I cant get this resolved I'm thinking of going to the media because this type of behaviour by Vodacom has to be exposed because they just do what they want and are stepping on the actual people keeping them in business. My contact details - Susan [protected]

Jan 26, 2017

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