Vodacomvodacom handed pensioner over to attorney sharks even though account in credit

When Vodacom took over Autopage, my Father in Law, being a pensioner and not always using the Data contract only realized later on the Data was off and then he realized that, he has been paying into the wrong account. So he got he right account number and reference and started paying - even paid in the amount already paid to Autopage again, just to make sure he was not in arrears. But of course no service was restored - but he kept on paying - I got involved in Nov 2016 and went personally to Vodaworld, where a Andile helped me, he agreed that everything was in order, even gave a new sim and scraped the re-connect fee. The card was working for a few days and then it did not work again, AND THEN THE WHOLE process of attorneys started again, as before I visited Andile at Vodaworld VVM attorneys were phoning and threatening my Father in Law daily with phone calls and SMS's. Andile assured me this will end. It did, then it started again, now we are receiving daily phone calls from another attorneys, Hammond Pole Attorneys threatening my Father in law, where I have a proof from Vodacom that my Father in law's account is actually in credit -
ref: NA0000393. CLEARLY Vodacom have no idea how to action a very simply instruction - And to the Legal department of Vodacom - May you rot in HELL!

Jan 12, 2017

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