Vodacom / unable to obtain my number by doing a sim swap

Johannesburg, South Africa
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My phone was stolen about three weeks back (11/08) and I have been trying to get my number back ever since by doing a sim swap at the various vodacom shops. Every time, I go to a shop and get helped, I am being told that the system is slow/offline and that I need to come back. I have been going to so many vodacom shops to get my number back because I am expecting calls and I need it. I have even called into the customer care service to resolve this issue but I was told to buy the sim card at the vodacom shop and call back into customer care for assistance. Now that I have the damn card and called customer care, I am told that the system does not allow them to perform a sim swap for my number and that I need to go to a vodacom shop to resolve the problem. Vodacom is a poor service provider, their service to their customers stinks.

Aug 31, 2016

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