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I own a Samsung Galaxy S6 which I got on contract with Vodacom and still falls under warranty. I happened to be charging my device and suddenly it began malfunctioning and a message popped up stating "the device was overheating and all apps were being shut down" at the same time the device was suddenly not charging up until it switched off due to the battery being completely drained and suddenly an error triangle appeared when the device was connected to the charger.

At this point I decided to leave the device for a while and return later to charge it but to no avail, I once again received an error triangle when the charger was connected. This led me to the conclusion that it should be an internal error thus the following morning I dashed to Vodaworld to drop off the device and within a few days I was notified to come and collect it.

I was then informed that my phone could not be repaired or replaced as it fell under "BER - Beyond Economic Repair" due to water damage... Imagine my disbelief as I had not nor ever dropped my phone in water prior to bringing in but Vodacom is adamant that is the cause of the fault.

I refused to take the device there and then since it was not a plausible reason for me and I wanted Vodacom to do a more thorough check. I then proceeded to write an email (image of the email attached as he said was not allowed to cc me on the email) with the individual assisting me so that the matter could be escalated. To date I have not received even a courtesy call from Vodacom to shed some light on my reported all that Vodacom is saying is "it's MY problem" I have no guarantee of potential foul play between the time I handed my phone in until I got it back and as such cannot accept the claim Vodacom is making as I know without a doubt that my device has never made contact with any water.

Considering our relationship that is over a decade old and us staying loyal to Vodacom besides the exorbitant data charges on numerous occasions which we pay with no trouble and misallocation of funds in other incidents yet we still remained, you’d expect Vodacom to try go out of their way to keep a loyal customer but no..

This is outright sad, shameful and insulting. It is clear that loyalty at Vodacom is one sided and we are now questioning why we should remain loyal. I am hoping that this may reach those at the top who have the power to assist me beyond blatantly being told it's not their problem and I must just suck it up, it's honestly unfair.

Vodacom South Africa

Jul 28, 2016

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