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lost my iPhone last week and went to Garankuwa for service where they managed to help track it but since the battery was low the guy was unsuccessful.He asked me to maybe try again after couple of days maybe it might be on again.
Since I work at Brits Mall I went there today for a sim swap & the problem I had with the phone I received as a gift, Huawei Plite.Everytime I receive a call on it, it just says "unknown", & decided to try tracking my iphone.
I got into the store & a lady at reception told to wait for consultants for sim swap since they were busy and for the other issues for the 2 guys sitting on the other end & they also had customers.When I saw that one was done with a customer I immediately went to them & explained my issues.Thats when one said to the other go to the other computer and help her, the other said, no you go, they began debating among themselves so I ask about the other issue then I got same response, thats when they said I must just wait for the consultants who were still busy with customers to help me where as they were available and the lady at reception clearly stated that the two can help with tracking and caller id issue.
I am very disappointed with the service I got there, they are not customer centric at all, I expected better at that branch since I work around there and have a contract which I took up at that particular branch.
This kind of behavior is unacceptable since I can't be told I could get help at a certain individual andtgen they play around during working hour, we are there to be serviced and since it was after work & time was not on my side I just left.I dont have a problem waiting for service but when people are available to service and decide to play around then thats something else.
I would have to go Garankuwa even though most of the time I knock off late.

Mar 18, 2017

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