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Good day.

Kindly take note that in May 2017 I upgraded my red advantage contract on the same terms and condition and increased by 3g data package from 1 gig to 2 gigs.

I ensured to request the vodacom consultant at the shop that both my lines be capped to ensure that I do not exceed my expected bill per month. R 200 for the 3g and the standard red advantage fee. This was confirmed by her.

I cannot recall the exact dates but they should have a record hereof on their system - on one occasion I received a bill on excess of R 7 000.00 rand for data charges on my 3g, which I hardly ever use, besides for work on the odd occasion and AFTER I made numerous request that my line be capped at 2 gig. They explained to me the whole story about when you log on to a call it will continue despite the fact that you line is capped. There is no way that I can ever use R 7 000.00 data in month for any reason!

This took weeks to resolve and I was credited the amount back after a lengthy process. The month immediately thereafter I received another exaggerated bill for data apparently, once again after numerous calls to the call center requesting my lines to be capped.

Each time the consultant confirms that my lines have been capped, when I contact the call center to ensure that this has been done, a new call agent explains that it has indeed not been done.

Now I do not make use of my 3g at all as I am concerned that my bill will be sky high for data I DO NOT USE. And then, last month, I received an exaggerated data bill in respect of my cellphone, WHICH I ALSO, A THOUSAND TIMES OVER, requested to be capped in the amount of R 1 500 odd - apparently also for data, I have wifi at work and at home. it is impossible that I can use this much data!!!

I once again queried this amount and I received no response for over a month.

Vodacom has credited my account twice due their mistake and negligence, they never return calls when they promise to give feedback, I can for some reason, no matter how hard I try cap my lines to ensure that I do receive such an exaggerated bill.

I have been n the line with vodacom for the entire duration of writing this e-mail, without someone answering the phone, I have selected the call me back service, 2 days ago and no one has contacted me.

I have no further means of sorting this out and I cannot afford to pay 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 thousand rand bills per month, which I am not using. My monthly amount should, as per my contract not be in excess of R 1 400.

Surely if they are charging such horrid, unfair fees which they are not entitled to, they can afford to pay enough consultants to answer the phone in less than 40 min !

Please please help, i cannot cancel my contract and at the same time I cannot afford it :(


Name: Carla de Beer
Number: [protected] and a linked 3g account on the same contract

Dec 02, 2016

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