Vodacomprepaid airtime and data disappeared again.

Hi I'm disappointed with the current service from Vodacom which was good until i decided to buy a 12 month prepaid 1gb data plan.Since then my airtime and data has started disappearing and the data warning notification service that Vodacom has been sending me, although it's not a requirement for Vodacom to do so; then why start something like that and then suddenly stop it.This is not the first time i complain about the same thing as it's happened a few months ago and I was told to check my settings and make sure automatic updates are off etc.The usual things...So i say now I'm tired of all the shortcomings, i want to redeem my cash I paid for the difference of the 12month prepaid data, so I can join another ISP.To top it off the Vodacom customer care service line has played ping-pong with me that's why an email is now my next means of communication.Come on now Vodacom what's happening, get my complaint sorted?Mr. Davids [protected].

Jan 14, 2017

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