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Good day,
Dykhard Laage is an owner of 9 Build It stores. We have ported his number from Telkom to Vodacom, hoping for better service by Vodacom. According to Vodacom the porting was completed on Saturday, 28 January 2017 and the account was activated. Since he moved to Vodacom he can't make any calls and his data is not active. He is an important businessman, and needs to make and receive calls everyday. Thus, Vodacom is causing him to loose money. After we have phoned the whole weekend reporting this problem, there was said that there are no problems with this account and we have to switch the phone on and off. We have phoned Vodacom this morning again (Ref: A7/T778/TUSW - Ian Mzimba), and according to him, no data is loaded on the contract due to a network problem regarding the porting. A few aspects were not completed by the network and everything has to be syncronised from the beginning and this will also take a few hours again. Why was this not picked up the first time we reported this problem? Still the first direct debit is expected by Vodacom but they have not provided any service as yet. This is unacceptable, Vodacom is wasting our time and is also causing us to loose money.
There are 10 other contracts pending for business contracts. Should Vodacom regard Mr. Laage as a valued customer, they must please get in contact with him to appologize for this poor service, and if possible, compensate him.
Number: [protected]
Dykhard Laage

Jan 30, 2017

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