Vodacom / over charging

Johannesburg, South Africa
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I am querying the below:

1. The data that has been charged on my account as highlighted on the attached report,
A. 3 gb mi promo – r 218, 42 – november 2016
B. 1 gb mi promo – r 21.08 – december 2016
C. 1 gb mi promo – r 130.70 – january 2017

I do not understand the above charges, why they have been added on my account. Please forward me the agreement I made with you and reasons, why they have been added these on my account.

2. Attachment b is the notification I got via sms, 28 december 2016, notifying me that I have 100 mb left. Please forward me detail as to:
A. When did I deplete this 100 mb, for the out of bundle data charges to be charged.In answering this question please also factor in the once of – 1gb that I loaded.
B. When and where was the notice forwarded, advising me that I have depleted the data, that comes as part of the vip package that I am on.

3. Request for content services to be cancelled from my account. I called in today to have the content charges deleted from my account, please kindly cancel these.

4. Ref: [protected]

I am seriously aggrieved by the overcharging and unexplained expenses on my account. My account is overdrawn as I am still awaiting the refund due to me for the december/data invoice.
My credit record is affected and also incurring bank charges which each day that passes, with the money due not being paid.

Jan 22, 2017

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