Vodacom / not being well informed about information and being lied too

Pretoria, South Africa

I lost my phone on the 30th of April 2017. I called Vodacom helpdesk to help me block my sim card and my phone as well. The Call centre agent that I spoke to, told me that she will block the phone and the sim card but before she does that, she will need information from me regarding the phone and the sim card. Then, I was asked few questions by the lady.

After, the lady promised to send me a message that my sim card has been blocked but unfortunate part is, I didn't receive the message stating that. I then decided to go to the Vodacom store at the Grove mall ( Pretoria East). To enquire about that, I was assisted by a gentleman named Mike. I asked him if my sim card is blocked he said no. I then, asked to do a swim swap and he told that I should buy a new sim card because even if I do swim swap. My Vodacom sim card won't work. It will take me 3 months for the sim card to be active.

I was worried and decided to call help desk, to enquire if it's true or not. The second lady told me that is not true at all. I can do swim swap at anytime. I need to be asked few questions to verify if the sim card was really mine due to RICA purposes. I got the questions correctly. And, the lady assisted me with the sim swap and told me it would work after few hours. But what I don't understand is...why did Mike lie to me? That's the first complain!

I took a Tablet using a contract. It was my first ever! I've got no clue about how contracts works. I was under the impression that I will get a better service from a different Consultants. But to my surprise, I didnt.

I just found out I'm using a open plan contract and my limit is R2000 rands. Which I was shocked to hear after I've spoken to Mikateko from the migration department. I've made few calls and noticed that my bill is going up. I then went back to the store where I got the contract. And asked about the bill and the reason money was deducted from my account whereas deduction was suppose to be on the 26th of every month.

I then find out its pro-rata money for the subscription and the data I received with the phone. The person who was assisting me was Eddie. I'm so dissapointed with the service I've received at Vodacom and the third Consultant even made things, she kept on saying to me that I signed a contract and its possible that I've signed without understanding. I've been using the Vodacom sim card for almost 10 years now...! I feel like cancelling the contract. I doubt i will recommend anyone to take a contract from any of the Vodacom stores.

May 16, 2017

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