Vodacom / non-communication and incorrect billing - fraudulent activity

Midrand, South Africa
Contact information:

Please refer to full conversation on call ref: [protected]
I requested a Migration in April for effect 1 May.
Vodacom was having "issues" with their system in terms of "Credit Vatting" clients with no success.
My Migration has not been pushed through to go live 1 May. I am STILL liable for my account on my old package as Vodacom is unable to backdate the invoice.
Again - Vodacom benefits and the Client has to take a financial knock.
I am so sick and tired of speaking to consultants and not actual people in management positions.
Why can I not speak to someone that can address my issues in my 26 minute conversation ( on my account), as opposed to the poor call centre person that can only 'escalate' as he is not allowed to transfer my call.

I want Vodacom to listen to the call - I want Vodacom to acknowledge that their own call centre agent confirmed that it was a mistake on Vodacom part. I want Vodacom to sort this issue out so that I can have what I initially requested.

May 8, 2017

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