Vodacomno stock and customer service

I went to the Vodacom Shop in Greenstone and enquiry about the promo of the Alcatel2008G as a Christmas gift for my heard of hearing father. Wednesday (28/11/2018) the Sales Lady told they never received it not even 1 unit, being persistent and enquiry but when will Vodacom have she informed me Friday. Well I went there on Saturday the 1/12/2018 and an other Sales Lady told me no the never received it and there is no stock at the warehouse. So I told her, then rather remove the advertisement as this will avoid Customers enquire about a product besides being against the CPA, of false advertisement with no stock, then she turned to be obnoxious and blatant rude. Clearly that Manager cant manage his staff the treat Customers properly and clearly Vodacam does not care about the CPA. That shop should rather close as its doing more harm than good to the brand.

Dec 01, 2018

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