Vodacom Modimolle (Nelson Cellular) / selling a product that is not working as advertised

Modimolle, ZA

On the 8th of November, we went to Nelson Cellular in the Modimall. We needed to get a laptop and phone for a new business that we are opening. We were introduced to the G TECH phone that looks like a switchboard, but is also WiFi capable. Because of this function, we decided to take it.

Once unpacked, we connected the WiFi of the phone to the laptop (and it showed that it was connected), but as soon as you go in to google, it showed that the network is not connected.

We then took both the phone as well the laptop to a IT guy, which also struggled to get it connected. He advised that we take everything back to Nelson Cellular and ask them to assist.

It's been a week already since we requested them to show us to get this working. Every day they promise that they will have it sorted out by the following day. Even them, that is selling the product, can't get it working.

Today, we went back to them to request that they pay our money back, and the answer was that it's not going to happen - they will not pay back our money.

I think that this is really bad service delivery. How can you sell something if you don't know how it work??? And if you can't figure out how to get it to work, refund the client then!

I hope that Vodacom Headoffice will do something about this. Nelson Cellular in Modimall (Modimolle) is giving Vodacom a really bad name.

Nov 28, 2016

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