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Good day

I called the Vodacom call center on 082 111 and held on for 20 mins before I was directed to an assistant named Steve. This individual was the most rude and arrogant customer services person I have ever spoken to you. He was not helpful, he couldn't even access my account. He called me a liar and accused me of feeding him incorrect information which is why he could not access my account. His incompetence and use of basic English astounded me. I asked to speak to his manager and he abruptly cut the call on me. I later called back and spoke Khaye and he cut the call on me as well. After several attempts, I eventually got hold of Zama in Solutions and she assisted me. In total I spent 01:48 hrs the line with Vodacom, either holding on, being transferred or being called a liar. Vodacom, if all your calls are recorded, I insist you take a long hard evaluation of your employees and make some drastic changes. I understand that you will always have a high call volume and us waiting on the line is an unfortunate necessity, but at least have a friendly and willing assistant when we hear life on the other side of the telephone!

May 03, 2017

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