Vodacomdata bundles

Vodacom's has probably got the worst customer service ever. Yesterday I bought 1GB data as my bundle was done. It showed successful and I even got a mail to confirm it. Couple hours later still no data. Then I bought the same amount again, still no data a day later. I phoned them twice to look into this matter as I was now charged out of bundle rates as I have a open line. The second time I phoned their response was it's still pending you must wait until it goes through!! So I asked them who is going to pay the ####ing bill because of their service not working! I bought data over my banking app and still it won't go through so who's problem is this. Their only other solution is oh please switch off your data then if you don't want to be charged. Bull#### man I need my data on I work with my phone. This was the last to convince me when I upgrade next month to move to another network. We pay so much money for #### services!!!

Jan 22, 2017

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