Vodacomdata billing way too high and no resolution after months

I have a simple data dongle with R109 per month contract. for months I have not exceeded R109 and in Aug and Sept 2016 received bills for >R8 000 and > R12 000 resp. 4 tickets have been logged - 2 closed with no resolution or communication, 1 ticket they can't find!!! and now I logged another. Visits to Vodacom require waiting 30 min to 2 hrs. they tell me they have 'credited' my account as a 'goodwill gesture'. how many months will it take to reduce R22 000 credit?!?!?!?!? With so many complaints with regards billing, surely they look internally to their systems and don't just tell the client they are full of 'goodwill'... !!!

Jan 31, 2017

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