Vodacomcontract irregularities and overcharging

Good day Sir/ Madam

I toke out a data contract on the 1st of September 2016. The contract was a deal at Game stores for 10 gig daytime and 10 gig nighttime with a Vodacom smart tab for R299 per month.

However since taking out the contract I have had numerous problems with the above mentioned contract from either being over-charged and also apparently the contract on your data base seems to read as a 3 gig contract.

I have logged complaint after complaint with no resolution to this matter.

At this present moment I keep getting numerous phone calls for your agents saying I owe an amount of almost R1400.

I logged a complaint on the 4th of July to which I was told that this matter will be escalated and I would hear back within 48hrs. Till this day no one has called to help or resolve this issue.

Instead I keep getting calls to tell me I owe thousands of rands. Now my services for both my cell phone and data contract has been disconnected.

This is my last attempt at getting this resolved my next step would be to reach out to The Consumer Protector.

Please advise and resolve.

Jan 11, 2017

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