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Vodacom / legal department testing my patience

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Let's start off with Vodacom is an absolute joke! I regret not joining another service provider.
I applied for a 1 Gig data package and to my surprise, got declined! I contacted the legal department and due to a slow system I had to phone back after 10 minutes, slow system is not my problem, sort it out. Apparently I have an outstanding balance dating back to 2005?

Between 2005 and 2012 which equals 7 years I had numerous new contracts, how was those contracts approved with balance of R2000 outstanding? The amount I pay for Vodacom monthly is actually ridiculous, look it up, now you want to complain about an outstanding amount dating back to 2005 which I was never notified about?

Questions you better answer with very good explanations:
What balance is this?
Why have I not been notified about this 7 years ago?
How were all of my contracts between 2005 and 2012 been approved if I had an outstanding balance?

I want my Blackberry Talk 100 contract cancelled immediately and will never again join Vodacom!
I want this stupid apparent 7 year old outstanding balance sorted out and I want it sorted out today with a very good explanation or excuse for that matter today!

Now legal department is not responding to my email, typical!
Vodacom is useless, pathetic and a joke, you better sort this out!
Vodacom is wating my time and seriously pissing me off!

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  • Ho
      29th of Feb, 2012

    i agree totally with you.. . i have a similar problem a bit worse than yours... im not being declined a service, i have been blacklisted and have nobody within Vodacom to talk to who can reverse this. . . oh wait i know, . . . they all share the same brain at vodaworld. . . heres my issue

    in January 2011 i had all 3 my Vodacom accounts cancelled.
    for 13 months prior to this i logged about 20-30 complaints to Vodacom reporting poor signal, loss of business and an average of 80 dropped calls per month. after sending a technician to test the signal in my area Vodacom authorised the termination of my contracts at no penalties or expenses to me. my cell number was ported to MTN (the better connection). my nr can only be legally ported one Vodacom has authorised it as well as verifying that my account is up to dat.
    in Feb 2012 i became a contract client with MTN.
    vodacom continued to bill my account for a service i no longer had. after 4 months of reversing my debit orders to Vodam i called the customer care line and was told that my accounts were still active and that the cancellation was not logged correctly.
    another 6 months passed and i recieved legal letters from Hammond Pole attourneys claiming almost R13 000 for a service i have not had at all.
    refusing to pay this i contacted Vodacom and Hammond Pole and was sent back and forth with no results.
    as result i have been listed with ITC and my credit record has been compromised.
    my business banker has called back my business overdraft facility until this matter is resolved.
    dealing with the attourneys i gave them every detail so that they can collect every voice recorded phone call in which they can establish that Vodacom actually agreed to terminate all my contracts.
    the claim has been taken back from Hammond Pole attourneys and Vodacom has now appointed a new debt collecter to attempt to intimmitade me for the claimed amount.

    spending the last 2 months on the phone with Vodacom, hammond Pole and the new debt collectors i have absolutely no joy...
    not a single person at Vodacom can help me, neither can their internal legal Dept help me.
    after driving to Vodaworld and spending the day there i was disgusted that i was not allowed to see any legal department and was forced to call them from the parking lot where i spent an hour on the phone with Desmond, the reprasentative for the legal department at vodacom.
    my emails no longer go through to the legal team and this now leaves me with absolutely no means of resolving this matter.
    in the meantime i have an Unlawful ITC listing and i am faced with severe financial issues to to my overdraft facility being recalled.

    not only is the signal supplied by Vodacom of the poorest standard i have experienced, the service is just as poor. i will publically advise anybody not to consider Vodacom as a service provider but to rather consider MTN.



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  • Sa
      28th of Dec, 2016

    @hotlens Vodacom customer service is very ####. I will definately join you on every social media platform telling people not to take Vodacom contracts. I have been pushed from department A - Z as nobody wants to assist me in advisinh why my contracts have not been xancelled even though all paper work and money has been paid to close these contracts. I follow up weekly and resnd documents. I am advised a supervisor will call me but to date no call from Vodacom.

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  • Pr
      12th of Mar, 2012

    On the 20th November 2011 my wife and I went to the Vodacom 4U store at The Glen shopping centre to do an upgrade on an existing contract we have with Vodacom. The Salesman managed to persuade us in applying for a new contract. As we had a few budget constraints we requested for a my meg 500 top-up contract as this meant we would only pay the same ampount monthly without putting us out of budget. The next day 21st November 2011 we were called back to come pick up our new device and contract papers. That’s when all our problems started. Firstly we were given the wrong device than what we applied for and were promised as the memory was insufficient, thereafter when we went back were given a memory card to substitute the error which the device was not compatible using. On the 3rd corrective visit we were told that the error was due to the person being “dumb” which is a comment I had no words for. The next day the manager JANA from the store calls me and apologises for the issues and offered to substitute the device with the correct one at no extra charge which I was greatful for and went back the same day to collect. I was satisfied.
    I then receive an invoice at the end of December 2011 for an amount of R 850 for a contract that was supposed to be R299 per month. I was charged data charges for R550 for the month although it was a top-up contract we signed for. I then phoned the store and they said that they would look into it and call me back. After a few days with no call from the shop I phoned Vodacom directly on their 111 number and they informed me that my contract was loaded as a normal contract of my meg 500 and not the top-up one and was changed as of the 1st of January 2012 by the store. I then called the store again and they said that they had made an error in loading the package but changed it timeously for the 1st of December 2011 but Vodacom failed to do so, they also promised to sort it out with Vodacom and keep me informed. I was then called by Vodacom Data division who informed me that they will investigate the query and get back to me within 14 days. Vodacom called me within the 2 weeks and advised that it was not their fault and couldn’t help me further, so I had to sort out with shared services division and the shop. On the 28th of February I received a call from the shop by a gentleman who said that the matter is resolved and they were going to pay the R550 into my vodacom account before the 7th March 2012. Today the 12th of March 2012 I received a statement from Vodacom that is not showing the credit of R550 at all. I then called the store and asked for Jana who stated that they never called me and said they are going to pay the money to my vodacom account and that the issue was with Vodacom to sort out. Upon calling Vodacom again they point the blame at the shop again and said that they are responsible as they are the ones that loaded the contract and not Vodacom themselves.I thus had to reopen the query at Vodacom.I have also been a victim of them invading into my privacy which I am furious about: someone at either Vodacom or The 4U Shop has requested itemised billing on my account without my consent or approval and still had the ordasity to charge me for it twice, an extra R45.60 on my current invoice. They have violated all my rights by doing this.

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  • Th
      1st of Dec, 2014

    the only thing i can say vodacom legal dept is useless and i regreting joining the useless stupid vodacom whatever if i go to the shop they told me to phone useless legal dept, i called more than ten times waiting for about 30 minutes and is costly i spent almost R300.00 airtime i couldnt stop cos i wannet to sort out my problem once and for all with vodacom. am sick and tired i cannot wait untill 14 february to cancel this useless service provider and no more if you want your life to be misearable join vodacom contract, me am done...

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  • Vo
      23rd of Jul, 2016

    I have overpaid my account and requested a refund guess what... NO HELP!!! email after email after email after phone call after phone call after phone call... NO ASSISTANCE NO HELP NOTHING...

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  • Re
      28th of Sep, 2016

    They are totally useless. So sick of them!!! WT[censored]

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  • Le
      20th of Dec, 2016

    hi My name is Eileen adams i regret having an account with vodacom geez its so bad they put me as a slow payer and im paying my account on time i told them that theu going to make my namy bad ant they told me they did clear this error had an account with autopage and vodacom took over paying in autopage account they didnt pick it up someone was not doiung they job so im asking now can some1 please romeve my name from a slow pyer cause its making my credit profile bad im going to sue vodacom and they goieng to compinsate me with all the trouble they putting me trew my contact no isz 0844668755

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  • Yv
      23rd of Jan, 2017

    I regret having a Vodacom account for more than 20 years the last few years went from bad to worse. there are no service and you are constantly walking into brick walls if you try to sort out your account., They are very quick to hand false accounts to collections but there is no help in sorting it out

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  • Ge
      30th of May, 2017

    His I also have a problem with Vodacom. I was blacklisted for a R15000 cellphone which sonde in my life I have never had a contract with vodacom. I found this when I was applying for a loanWhen I called tmvodacom I was transferred to their legal team who asked me to send an affidavit and I'd and signatures etc which I did same day. Addresses on this application I's not mine never stayed there. Now it's nearly 8months when I email or call for the answers after I sent all requested affidavit no answer

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  • St
      28th of Jul, 2017

    i have been reading all the complains about vodacom, but is any of the solved ?
    Here is my story,
    According to Vodacom Legal my cellphone number was deleted from the network because I did not pay my account. But I disagree.
    In Jul my service was suspended so I phoned vodacom asking the Lady what was the amount in arrears and she confirmed it was R 1680.00 and I asked her, :are you sure" and she said yes. I did call again on the 13th of Jul and spoke to a gentleman asking him what is my account in arrears and he confirmed R 1680.00. On The same day I paid R2000.00 into Vodacom's account just for in case.

    On the 15 Jul my account was reactivated and I could use my phone. On 17 Jul I received an sms on my second number (one I don't use that often) and I quote " Vodacom Insurance Cover have been activated on your account. For further info, please refer to your terms and conditions OR call 0821952 for more information."

    On the 19 July 2017 my serves was disconnected again. I phoned customer service and the lady informed me I must call Legal, and I asked her to put me trough and she informed me legal's office hours is from 09:00 to 17:00.
    Round about the 20 July my number was deleted from the system. That evening I phoned from my Husbands phone asking the lady at customer service to assist me she informed me she was unable to assist me and i have to call legal and I told her I can't because I have no service so she said she will get some one from legal to call me at 12:00 on the 21 July 2017 on my disconnected number. No one called that day.

    On the 26 Jul I bought a new sim card and phoned Vodacom I asked the lady to assist me and she put me trough to a gentleman who put me trough to Legal it was not even 5 min I just gave the lady at legal my id and the lady cut me of. So I called again. I explained to the lady what my problem is and I asked her how can Vodacom delete my number from the system if I have paid my account?

    She advised me my number was scheduled to be deleted on the 15th of July ( the same date they have reactivated my service) and no one not even IT can fix a deleted number or get it back. So I asked her is Vodacom going to give me a new number to continue my contract and she said to me no I have to buy my contract and I must PAY R 13 000.00! I must make arrangements how am I going to pay that R13 000.00 or they are going to hand me over for bad dept. Why must i pay R 13 000.00 that is the amount for a new contract with cellphone and data/ airtime.

    According to the lady at legal they have send me e-mails and letters regarding my account, which I have up until I today not even received one and they have my e-mail address. When i asked her if I can speak to her manager she cut me off and I could not get trough to Legal again.

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  • Va
      7th of Aug, 2017

    I am having the same problem as many of you. Account handed over for R 865, outstanding, nobody ever contacted me, shows a bad review on my credit score and I want to apply for a home loan, but because of VODACOM, having trouble to do so. Legal department is useless, nobody contacts one, the hello peter team responded that someone will contact me and that never happened. It is terrible, terrible service. I was not even with VODACOM, had an Auto page account, which ended and when VODACOM took over, they just deducted money, which I did not even owe them. Where do one go from here???

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  • Li
      17th of Jan, 2018

    Vodacom is very useless but I'm not surprised because they very same people are assisting them with our details its clear that is an inside job, and they seem to be enjoying this while they are quick to get us blacklisted, I had the same problem that happened in 2017 January, now they are busy sending out our details for their friends to go and do upgrade on our absent, legal department and forensic are very useless, one can asked themselves which law are practicing since they are also criminals
    I had a vodacom contract for tow years which ended in December 2017. I was never called from vodacom and advised that I was due for an upgrade.

    I phoned call centre but to my surprise an upgrade was already done I clearly stated that i never done upgrade But despite all of that I was still upgraded to a new contract. I received no physical item neither was I connected to any services but I since the 1st of January 2017 I have been receiving bills for R2213.49 which is now the new contract amount.

    I called vodacom and told them that I did not agree to any upgrade and they requested that I send in a sworn affidavit with other documents so that they could investigate. They even went and froze the account but I am still receiving invoices and to date I have received no response from them.

    I am not liable for these costs and they need to advise immediately.

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  • Az
      22nd of Feb, 2019

    hi am azwindini calvin tshipala i need to do arrangement on my account it handed over legal department my number is [0725122202] and my id number is [8607275832081] please help

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