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Vodacom / elite mobile

1 South Africa Review updated:

I have now been battling to sort out a query that has been going on since june 2009 neither vodacom or elite mobile seems to be interested in helping me.In june I was contacted by elite mobile to take out a contract I explain to the operator that it should be activated after the 15th june as my contract with mtn only expired then they did not adhere to this. I received the handset but no simcard. The card was activated without my consent. After numerous calls to elite the handset was uplifted from me on the 02/09/2009 and I was promised that my acc would be credited by vodacom within 30 working days which never happened elite also advised me that the contract was cancelled and that they are communicating with vodacom in this regard. (Special dept that deals with this type of issues) I also have another contract with vodacom I took out a chatta with absa for my son and vodacom combined the contract so with result they keep blocking his no. Because of the other contract which I will not pay as I have never used the facility I do not know who to turn to for help anymore nobody seems to want to help could you???

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  • Kr
      21st of Apr, 2010
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    It is ripping us of, we should really do something about it.

  • Kr
      21st of Apr, 2010
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  • Be
      16th of Jun, 2010
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    I have had a similar complaint where Elite mobile removed money from my account and then did not supply me with either the phone or the contract they promised. It has been nearly four months now and I still dont have my money back. I guess I can go through the courts, but that is going to take time and money. This company's customer service is terrible and I am furious that they have taken my money, provided me with nothing and havent refunded me!

  • Cu
      28th of Jul, 2013
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    Elite mobile seems like not a good company who has only there needs in mind and not the poor old people they rob. From all I learnt about this company I will not do business with them and will not tell other they are a good company to do business with, I don't like the way they do business especially after what they did to my sick and old mum who is a state pensioner they had an agent fone her nt making sure she undastand but selling a pensioner an OPEN CONTRACT fone which is a business fone. Then she still didn't undastand and after a two months of receiving the fone she foned vodacom to find out that vodacom had an incorrect bank account number so that why the payment that was to her undastanding which was 160 was not debited and that it was now a fone billed which was 2000rand so she paid 1000rand the 1st month and asked if she could give the fone back or make monthly installment of 160. After some time with making sure to keep to her promise she became ill and need a loan for medical reasons she went to a company to only find out after being a honest person that she was listen on itc and couldn't get the loan. So I helped her to find out about the company and she fone elite mobile and an customer service female agent agreed with my mum to get the voice log and listen to it then the company learning but not admitting they are wrong offered to only pay the balance of the arrears which was+- 630rand cas my mum already paid a total of 1800rands. We as the children of hers told her it was not fair and wanted the agents name to take legal action she told the female which also seemed to help and the female got back to her saying that the company was willing to cancel the contract for her and the fone would be picked up, my mum who is in need of her money now which was paid for that was not even her fault asked the agent to please ask the company to give her a letter to say it was an misundastanding and give her, her money back or give her the agents details in order to get legal help and get her money to use, they are not responsing at all now that they have the fone back, they are being like thief and hiding from her she has been calling and leaving messages and getting no response. To top it of the usage for that fone was a problem connecting to internet in which a grand kid was using for info to help my mum undastand the fone it was a sumsung pocket. It is really sad that she had worked all her life to make sure her name was clear thinking of furture needs and now she needs help for medical reasons and can not get help due to this company elite mobile who spams people poor people of their money. All my mum undastood from the call of sale was she was going to get a fone 160rand a month and get 100rand airtime and when the airtime was finished she would have to buy more, but that was far from the truth. I'm so angry that this company has no good values in life and should not offer fone to pensioner over the fone cas that pension they receive is for food, doctors fees if enough and rent not for contacts. I am not afraid to speak out cas my mum needs medical assists and can't get it due to this company selling her something she couldn't not afford now at her age. All I want to do is met with the owner of this company and tell him that she could die now because of him being greedy and his staff not having enough training and that they should be closed down cas elite mobile is a fraud

  • Si
      30th of Jun, 2014
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    This company is not good at all. I will not recommend any one to partner with it. They billed R235 instead of R39 in my account without my consent. Probably in an amicably version they did not told me anything about the increament.

  • Ni
      1st of Apr, 2016
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    i was contacted yesterday with the R 79 special for the Vodacom Tablet which i happily agreed to. Everythign seemed legit and above board. I received my confirmation e mail on which they had listed Value added services amounting to R 265. When i tried contacting them about this i was first told that the sytems were down, again this morning the systems were down. i asked who i could e mail in the meantime which I did. lo and behold the "technical" guy is on leave ... i have since tried contacitng them again and the number is no longer valid and i see the website is not available.
    THIS IS A COMPELTE SCAM .. DO NOT BE FOOLED. I have contacted my bank already but have to wait with bated breath to see if these Skelms have the audacity to debit my account.
    As representatives of Vodacom i feel this is absolutely disgusting and Vodacom should be aware of these scams.

  • Ti
      1st of Aug, 2018
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    @Nickay Happened to me today...Im fuming.

  • Ca
      1st of Jun, 2016
    -1 Votes

    I am so upset now with this pathetic company I just want to burst into tears. Each time I contact them they have a different story and they just repeatcwhat is on the system they not prepared to find out anything further. I have spent so much money on telephone calls on calling them. I am still no further than I was a month ago. Please if I can give you advice DONT BUY THROUGH ELITE MOBILE!!! they are pathetic and useless!!!

  • Ci
      30th of Aug, 2016
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    I Agree Eilte mobile does not honor there 7 day cancellation policy that they supposedly tell you with confidence when they offer you, your upgrade on behalf of Vodacom. Elite mobile and Vodacom work together in my opinion to lie, so neither are actually truthful in anything that they say. Do not expect to get a managers names or contact number from elite mobile, as this is so secret as a customer you are not allowed to have this informational! Do not do any upgrades, downgrades, enquiries etc with Eilte mobile, nothing good will come of it! I will never deal with them again, and i will inform family and friends not to deal with them either!

  • Ra
      26th of Mar, 2017
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    I'm very disappointed of the perjury element your company and Vodacom has just practiced to me, I had no sense in every reasons given to me about the delivery issues. I then bought myself P8 phone and supposed to buy at least R300, 00 Airtime to maintain the obsession I just had. But I'm not going to leave it just this way, I'm going to make sure I expose you lower service quality. I gave my credentials which contains sensitive information like my account number to your company but never received a promised service, Vodacom on 082 1950 claimed that RAM brought back my J1 NEO back to Vodacom. The world must know this whole wrong business practice.
    Today 26 March 2017 I received debit order massage of R55.00 from HOTSPOTTEREM-572128373; R49, 00 SOMU EM-57212837-5 from my account.
    This company could never access my confidential information like my bank accounts if your company never retrieved them from me.
    Your company never care of checking with me for how do I cope since
    I realised that I never receive any phone after providing my confidential information, I will loose nothing for I already lost. Now wait and see, this argument will soon be published. I'm sorry but to lobby support from victims like me public protector as to gain momentum in this play. I'm so sorry.
    Please respond
    082 753 1597

  • Lm
      17th of Apr, 2018
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    I was contacted by Elit mobile offering a tablet for R79.00 in January, I gave my banking details and was promised that the tablet would be delivered to my workplace in 3 to 4 working days. 2 days later I was contacted by an agent advising that i needed to purchase Valued Added Services varying from R55 to R46 all amounting to +_ R250 which i declined. I never received the Tablet and never followed it up.
    Just last month i realized that R225.00 had been debited from my account i consulted my bank to discover that a TTC Outsourcing Company had been deducting from my account for HOTSPOT, SOMU...and i never gave them authorization to debit my account. I spoke to an agent named Wesley who would not give me he's surname he informed me that they had been debiting my account from the date i accepted their contract for the Tablet . I asked him how possible it was to pay for service for a phone that I don't even have, and he advised that i was to contact Elit Mobile regarding that and for re-reimbursement of the money that was fraudulently been debited from my account.

    I have never been so upset and disgusted by the utter rubbish and arrogance i received from him

    This is quite scary knowing that these people have my banking details, I will never buy anything over the phone or give my banking details for whatever reason.

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