Vodacom / breach of contract - stealing 50% of my data and no customer service to correct errors

pietermaritzburg, ZA
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I took out a data contract at tthe end of Sept 2017.

60GB per month at x amount.
30GB Anytime Data and 30GB night owl data.

The 1st month went perfect.
The 60gb was loaded for the month of September 2017, no hassles. I was so impressed. But should have listened to ppl warning me NOT to sign a contract with vodacom.

in my 2nd month, On 01 November 2017, i only received half my data, which was 30gb.

After weeks of hassles, i was told that the missing 30 gb nightowl data has been loaded and the replaced the anytime data from the off peak data as per my usage report.

I have since logged online to check if the missing data has been loaded, and no suprise - it hasnt been loaded. Im still missing 30gb.

The app wont even reflect any data balance, which is why im forced to login online.

I have been escalating my issue for weeks, with no results. 24 days into the month and still, the account has not been sorted out.

But come month end and vodacom will debit my account sagerly, wigh no errors. They good at taking our money while stealing half our data.

Thisbisnt rocket science, so why on earth can they not fix this error and my data as per our signed contract?????

Whats so damn difficult?? LEADING service provider my [censor].

Just fix it dammit !!!

I swear i wkll block the debit since vodaco is in breach of contract and i will lodge a formal comllaint with NCC and take legal action against vodacom

Reference 003S-SCR4
Reference [protected]

Nov 24, 2017

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