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Vizio / Vizio 32inch Plasma Burn in

1 FL, United States

I have a 32" vizio plasma and use it an average 2 hours a day. After 3-4 months burn in started to happen on images that were on the screen for less then 30 seconds. I called Vizio and they were very helpful and sent a person right out to fix the problem. They replaced the main and y boards. I realized later on that evening that they the problem was not solved. I called Vizio again as the technician said I should if it continued. The customer service representative then tells me burn in is not covered by warranty. I then explained it's not one item burned into the screen. What is burnt into the screen changes multiple times as I go to multiple channels or menus. The women was extremely unhelpful and a bit ###. I ask for a manager nicely and Matt gets on the phone and is that biggest ### I have ever spoken to on the phone. He should not be a manager of customer service. He was extremely rude and told me tough ### it's not covered. I asked to speak to his manager and refused then hung up on me. By this point I was extremely upset. I then go to the warranty which states ""Image Sticking", caused by static images on the screen for extended periods and or excessive brightness and contrast levels, is not covered by this limited warranty. Installation, removal, transportation and reinstallation of a display, and routine maintenance and cleaning, are not covered by this limited warranty." As the warranty states it doesn't cover extended periods of a static image. I don't consider 30 seconds an extended period. Especially that it's not just one thing burned in, it changes!! I call the manager back and nicely review the warranty with him and he again says it is not covered. I told him he could send a tech out here and they could see it wasn't an extended period burn in. He then told me they don't send people out for that and even offered to bring it to the technician and he said no. He told me to send pictures in and I asked how they could tell if it was extended if it was just one picture. He then rudely told me he would call back in 24 hrs and the burn in wouldn't be covered either way by warranty. I have never had such a bad experience with customer service. I will never by a Vizio or Sony product ever again. Don't let the great prices fool you of Vizio!! I'm stuck with a plasma that has a burn in issue forever.


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