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These people are something else I have been attempting to get my birth certificate for over a month, always something happens, I'm guessing they collect personel info and store it .I just got smart and went to the state I was born in public health web site and guess what ? I found out I could get my birth certificate by myself fill out one simple form and a copy of my drivers license, send in the mail, and they didn't even charge me ( prior military service)...Just lick the stamp you will be glad you did and no fustration or lost of time because of someone else..

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      Feb 19, 2011

    I signed up with VitalChek because it was listed on my birth state's website as a way to "get it faster" when I needed a certified copy of my birth certificate for a passport that I needed right away. All over their website it says estimated processing time was "3-4 days" and I paid for he overnight UPS Air shipping. I received a confirmation from VItalChek that they had sent my order to the state vital records department the next day, but 4 business days later, I had received no certificate. On the fifth day, still not certificate. There is no way to track what happens once VitalCheck has sent your info to the state. I called Vitalcheck and the person says "the state agency says to allow 10 days". What???? This information was nowhere to be found when I ordered, although it does say "estimate". I told the support person that I didn't think this was fair since even the confirmation email from them says 3-4 days. I then asked him if Vitalchek could follow up with the State to see what was holding up my order and he said that they couldn't. I asked for information to do it myself and it he said that they weren't allowed to give me the number but that I could call information.
    I complained that I had paid extra for faster service, just like the state website indicated and that I should be refunded that money since it did not arrive faster. He said that they couldn't. I went back to their website and after clicking around, there is a very small disclaimer that they cannot guarantee timely delivery.

    I then found out from the state website that it would be faster to go directly to the county registrar of deeds to get a certificate and that my parents could walk in same day and get a certified copy and overnight it to me. But now, I've wasted a week and I have to pay $60 to the passport office at this point to get their expedited service. Thanks for nothing VitalChek.

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