SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / air purifier

After over a week of angry emails I finally was provided with a full refund amazon customer service said that as a way of making up for my trouble they even we're going to refund the shipping . The problem is I never should have been charged shipping to begin with because no item was ever shipped, the item never actually existed, the company didn't even have it to sell to me. Besides I'm pretty sure I was supposed to have gotten free shipping on that item as sold. The total was supposed to have been about $80 but was actually over 140 someone charged me too much basically ripped me off. But to add insult to injury the seller told me that they didn't have the item never even did and they requested that I contact Amazon and ask for the item to be cancelled like it is my idea. I believe that was to make the cellar look better to Amazon, but also that way they could charge me shipping charge, and perhaps a restock fee. I think it is very likely that an attempt was made to defraud me. Meal with virventures told me that he was redeeming himself by giving me a full refund, but honestly I should not have needed a refund because I should have never been charged and it should not have taken a week full of angry emails to have gotten a refund

Mar 03, 2016

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