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Virgin Mobile USA / unauthorized billing

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On 2/12/09 I put money on my grandkids phones. Virgin Mobile received the money the same day. They suspended the 2 of the 6 kids phones on 2/13.

On 2/16/09 is when I made my first phone call to Virgin Mobile.2/17/09 I have faxed copies of my bank statement and credit card statement along with the front and back of my cards and information on each phone. I have called them on the 19, 20, 21, each time we go through the same thing I have to fax the information to them. I explain but either they don't understand or they are playing with me.

On 2/21/09 I faxed them a note saying I wanted to speak with someone who can understand English. I called again 2/22 again, this AM 2/23 I refaxed them everything again. Now this evening I was hung up on. And the kids still don't have their phones.

They will not give me the billing office number or even tell me where they are located. We have used Virgin Mobile for years with good service . This is outrageous I am on oxygen 24 hrs a day my nerves are shot. This AM they wanted my bank to call them I said why. You will look like and idiot we never get to talk to the same person.

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  • Ro
      16th of Feb, 2009
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    Purchased VirginMobile 1000 minute pack for $50 and activated it on 1/15/09. This gives you $0.05/minute. It is good for 30 days and Virgin says you have to buy more minutes pre-expiration in order to Rollover minutes left at 30 days, if any. I received on my Virgin phone a different beeping, I checked and it was an ALERT at 12am 2/15/09 that your minutes expired! Top Up and buy a new minute pack.

    I checked on phone and online and Virgin says I have 0 minutes.

    I called customer service and was told minutes expired, that I was sent an alert 3 days before. I checked and buried under the Messaging tab is Virgin Alerts was one messages saying expiration coming in 3 days. There was no reminder beeping or anything saying I had an alert! I told rep, I may have had the phone off or not with me 3 days ago!

    I asked customer service WHY couldn't they have sent another alert an hour or whenever BEFORE the expiration instead of sending an alert exactly upon expiration. I don't have a problem losing these minutes if I honestly knew they were about to expire. Not being given any more notice than ONE alert that I never saw and the phone didn't keep beeping to remind me is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE! Was told they ONLY send One alert 3 days before.

    Virgin Mobile, a Gen Y run fiasco company, not ready for recession/depression upon us, IS TOTALLY RIPPING OFF CONSUMERS by these practices.

    Time to port to BOOST phone, now rated best and they have $0.05/minute without all the BS hassle Virgin puts you through.

    GOODBYE AND GO BANKRUPT, VIRGIN MOBILE! I will port out all 3 of my accounts with you!

  • Ka
      18th of Mar, 2009
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    On 3-4-09 I very clearly, in writing, withdrew my previous permission for Virgin Mobile to withdraw any funds from my checking account, or to use my VISA debit card to appropriate any funds for 'payments'.

    To be safe I sent a follow-up e-mail to Virgin Mobile's customer service effective the same day.

    On 3-5-09 I noted that Virgin Mobile had used my VISA without my permission and against my will to misappropriate another month's payment. Doing so caused me to be charged a $30 service fee from my bank, in addition to Virgin Mobile forcibly misusing my debit card to take funds which they knew they had specifically been instructed not to take.

    On 3-5-09 I received a very flippant and glib e-mail from someone named Tina at Virgin Mobile stating that they had received correspondence from me the previous day but couldn't understand it.My directions which I put in writing twice could not have been any more clear. I responded that I consider using my debit card to obtain funds for themselves, after my specific written directions not to, to be a criminal matter.Virgin Mobile still did not return any funds to my account or make any effort to remedy the matter. Don't trust them with auto pay. They have a history of abusing debit card and bank account numbers to rip off customers' checking accounts.

    Additionally, I was quite concerned to learn that Virgin Mobile USA are a division of U.S. Sprint.

  • Pr
      6th of Apr, 2009
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    to whom may it concerns, i shauntavia miller paid the amount of $84.50 to cover the monthly cost of allie miller's account . her services was suspened due to the fact i called and reported my card stolen. you all was sent a visa report saying my card was stolen so in return those services was suspended. i went to my bank they do not send emails but was willing to fax all necessary documents over to you all and a letter from the financial specialist ANDY ALLEN saying it was the banks mixup or fault.that i paid for the services and it was honored by the bank. then after everything was said and done al i wanted was the services i paid for to be back on but it was not they told me 3-5days, 7-10 days but now it has been a month now and all i want is my money back . i truly do in my heart i was treated unfairly. then also i was told i was going to get my money back AMBER FLYNN from WACHOVIA N.A.TOLD them that i do not have a visa card anymore but i still have an acct#for the funds to go in it is 1010192170646#-rt#is 061000227. sign, daughter of ALLIE R. MILLER- SHAUNTAVIA M. MILLER

  • Pr
      6th of Apr, 2009
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    please answer quickly with a response please i have been waiting all this long time and lies told to me but no response thats unfair to me and every body else that tries to do right and pay the bill when it is supposed to be paid. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME!

  • Pr
      6th of Apr, 2009
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    I had the exact thing happen just today.

    Their routing of the phone calls to their phillipines call center puts you at the mercy with people who have heavy accents, have no regard for the US law / public policy and are unwilling to entertain any idea other than that they are correct. The call center representatives and their supervisors give out fake names and employee id's which are not able to be followed up with.

    Last month they charged my account 3 times and said that they only charged it once. Getting the chargebacks was a nightmare as Chase Bank also uses a phillipines call center.

    This month they charged my backup card without my permission.

    I put sufficient replacement funds into my account via a prepaid card and asked my bank to do a charge back on this month's charge. They disconnected service for "fraud" and said that since the account is "locked out" that they can see the funds but insisted that they are not able to access those funds and the only way to restore service or access to those funds was to reverse the chargeback.

    These Virgin Mobile/Sprint procedures, what they are calling "policies, " are fraudulent on their face.

    Similar stories are reported on other consumer websites as well.

    Does anyone have any U.S. contact information? The philipines call center claims that they have don't have any contact information for the U.S. Virgin Mobile/Sprint centers.

    Also, what is the proper U.S. authority to report Virgin Mobile/Sprint to?

    I'm sure that there will be civil actions as the counts of others with similar stories on the other consumer websites gives the minimum number required to bring a class action.

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    ps.avoid their auto billing promotion. the 10% free minutes that they offer is a minimal enticement and will never make up for what it would cost you to undo the billing errors, in your time, bank fees, and health.

  • Di
      10th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Virgin Mobile seems to have recently begun engaging in fraudulent billing policies including:

    - billing customers accounts without customer's approval
    - billing customers accounts multiple times for the same period, also without customer approval
    - constructively and illegally seizing customers account funds by
    - disabling customer accounts without cause
    - forcing customers to have one point of access -- their overseas "support (their descriptor, certainly not the reasonable person's, nor the law's)" staff who give out fake names and employee id's and are unwilling and unable to assist customers
    - forcing customers to have one point of access -- their overseas "support (their descriptor, certainly not the reasonable person's, nor the law's)" staff who use deceit and extortive techniques

    If you have been forced to deal with Virgin Mobile's fraudulent billing practices please consider reporting them to your local consumer complaint office, your state attorney's office, appropriate U.S. federal authorities and agencies, including the U.S. Attorney's office/DOJ

  • Ph
      11th of Mar, 2010
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    Who you need to contact:

    Virgin Mobile

    10 Independence Blvd Ste 200
    Warren, NJ 07059

    Don't waste your time with the Phillipines or Nicaragua call center -- 16+ hours of nonsense with no resolution. One five minute call to the above number with the bank on the line and the issue was resolved.

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