Virgin Mobile UAE / my sim plan is not activated

United Arab Emirates


I am a Virgin Mobile UAE user. I have requested a transfer of my mobile network to Virgin Mobile. I received a temporary number immediately with the selected plan(minutes and internet data). For the past few days my plan stopped working but my original number is already transferred to Virgin Mobile; i.e. people are able to contact me on my number but I'm not being able to add any plan or access any kind of telecommunication (no minutes, no data).

This issue has been with Virgin Mobile UAE for a while but no action is being taken. It is urgent and very frustrating not being able to call anyone or use internet. I have many services and important calls and contacts to do and everything is being delayed because of a technical team system problem.

Attached is a screenshot of the current Virgin App status. It still shows that the number is in the process of being transferred which is not the actual case.

Please take this matter with the greatest urgency and concern.

Thanks in adavnce
Shahenda Amr

Nov 27, 2018

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