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I purchased the white samsung galaxy s2 cell phone online from virgin mobile on February 13, 2013. On March the 5th the touchscreen began to freeze up. So I took the battery out to restart the phone. It seemed to work, but then it began again and started to get hot in the process. I would then leave it off for a while. The problem seemed to get better but by the 7th my web was down, no messages were coming in regularly and none of the picture messages were going out. I still have pictures messages in phone that says they are downloading three weeks later. I called virgin mobile on the 8th of March and spoke with them i would recieve a replacement phone within 3 to 5 business days by fed ex. After the fifth day I called virgin mobile and the same thing spoke with live advisor whom said to talk with technical support which I did same thing, would send a replacement phone. I called on the third day and spoke to someone else I told them why keep reseting the phone and still getting the same results a phone that isn't working. I also sent emails regarding the replacement of my phone and all was said was same thing. I even spoke with supervisor who told me i would be receving replacement phone. I called again three d ays later same thing. still no replacement phone. then I called and they told me that no one has placed an order in for a replacement phone and that after checking to reset phone they would send me a replacement phone in 3 to 5 days and I was very angry sent out another email. Called once again and then was told the reason I have not received a replacement phone is because technical support was having problems with their computers it would be seven day and they would investigate the problem. Now they tell me they haven't sent replacement phone because they are out of stock and will send it as soon as they get some in, But they are still selling the white samsung galaxy s2 phone online and yet they are out of stock. It is almost a month and I am still without a phone inwhich I spent almost $300 for. The only thing I can see is that they are running some type of scam for some reason. I have come to the end of my rope with virgin mobile. I really don't understand this at all I have been a customer with them for almost three years and have never had any problems. I guess i should have bought a different type of phone are maybe it is just the phones they sell online.

Mar 25, 2013
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      Aug 24, 2013

    I have a KYOCERA EVENT phone my phone has been off for 5days it just shut down on me an never came back on i have taken the battery out so many timesan did a reset it still does the same thing . it stays stuck on on virgin mobile logo. i call virgin mobile so many times to get me a replacement phone they told me they could not send me one cause i have no money on the phone i never heard of that ! i keep a plan on my phone an sometime am late but this is a prepaid company my payment was due on the 08/12/13 . i talk to the supervisor he also says the same, i told him how can i put money on a phone thats has completely shut down on me ! he say to call from another phone an they will put my money on the replacement phone an will send it to me. thats crazy i been with with virgin mobile for about 8or 9 years i never had problem recieving a replacement phone before thats what i told him i also told him i did not see in the refund an return policy where it says u have to have money on your phone to recieve a replacement phone. but he says it something new yhet had for about 2 months an then he said we always had it we just start enforceing it . which one is the truth? I'm very upset by this matter i have a phone i cant use . an I'm not going through all that trouble to call from someone else phone cause you want money on there before i get a replacement phone excuse my words thats ### !

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