Virgin Mobile Phone Service / virgin mobile are stealin' criminals!!!

PA, United States

I had a Virgin Mobile account and the service was beyond horrible!!! Their website that you are to use to add money to your account is not functioning more often then it actually functions.The phone & text service randomly worked. I would often get text messages 24 hours after they were sent to me. My text messages went out about 50% of the time but I was ALWAYS docked for them. There was never any rhyme or reason for the spotty service.Then one day they just shut my phone off. No warning at all! They turned my phone off, kept my money & refused to turn it back on because they said I didn't fill out a form a year ago! So, all year they did not call or mail me or even send up a damn smoke signal to let me know this form was so freakin' important that they needed to shut my phone off the day before Father's Day & leave me totally stranded over it. They left me stranded in New Jersey, unable to call my ride. After many emails and repeatedly being put on hold while calling India, they said they will not give me money back nor will they turn the phone back on! Thank you Virgin Mobile for not caring at all about my well being, completely screwing me over without even buying me dinner and making the many resumes I sent out with that phone number on it a complete waste of time. Thank you Virgin Mobile for being the worst company I have ever dealt with. Virgin Mobile has made Verizon look like a gem with their surpize $400 bill!!! Way to go Virgin Mobile! You take the cake for most soulless scam artists allowed to roam our market! It is a true crime that these phone companies are allowed to repeatedly get away this crap! Shame on each & everyone of you monsters! You are exactly what is wrong with our society today!

Jun 24, 2015

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