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I bought virgin mobile and the new triumph phone from them for my brother and myself. That brought me to a total $423.99 dollars for the plans and the phones. Now they tell me I have to go home and set up an account online to have my phone cut on, but that the first month is already paid for. I go all the way home and follow the directions just for them to tell me that I did not pay for my first month. I come back to the store and as if I weren't there before they tell me I have to pay again! They did not receive the payments they said. I was extremely upset!! They didn't even try to fix the problem nor did they care. I was desperate to get things in order so I paid after 3 hours of confusion and bad customer service! I now pay for a second time and right there in there faces they still couldnt get my phone cut on and the computer to say I paid! I sate for longer as they can't get stuff in order. Then I ask if I can have my number brought over and they say absolutely, we do this all the time. Go and cut off the other phone, get the acct. info and we will transfer the number. I follow directions and then they tell me they can't do it until I pay for another month with the other company. I tell them that they told me something different previously and the customer service person (who can barely speak understandable english) goes off on me and just mutes my call for 5 minutes and refused to let me speak with a manager.

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  • Na
      Aug 20, 2010

    Earlier this year I requested a new cell phone from Virgin Mobile, due to very poor service I cancelled my request, but I was still billed for this phone, this was at the start of May 2009, for the amount of + - R2500 (Virgin check ref. 34821370). I discussed this matter with the Billing department and was told that I would receive a refund. Up until today I have not received this refund. I made a couple of follow up calls, once I was told that refunds have been delayed. I accepted this and waited a little longer and when I made my next followup call I spoke to a lady by the name of Mosa. She was going to look into it and follow up with me, I have not heard of her. It is now August, heading towards September, and I have not received my Money. I really do not know what to do anymore, I really dont.

    VRIGIN, please get your act together and give me my money back! WHAT DO YOU GUYS WANT ME TO DO??? PLEEAASSSEEEE!!! I'm starting to see this as theft, pull yourself together man! C'mon!, And PLEASE do not phone me with attitude again.

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  • Al
      Dec 01, 2010

    I went to Virgin mobile @ Cedar Square in Fourways on Friday 08012010 as I received an sms in Dec 09, advising me that I have paid off my phone and can upgrade. On my arrival a guy helped me, but each phone I was interested in was not in stock, I was then advised to come back Monday 11012010. I then only went yesterday which was the 13012010.

    When I arrived a lady came to 'so call' help me, I first asked her what kind off phones can I get with my currenty contract, which is R 149 or cheaper, she then tells me, that I have asked this question previously so does this mean she has to take all the phones out again, which she does, angrily then tells her colleague, to just help this 'MAN', which is myself, and walks out off the shop to do her own thing. I just stood their, then went up to her colleague, and told her to cancel my contract immediately. I am very dissappointed as I expected to stay with Virgin Mobile longer, and that is with having endless network issue with Virgin mobile!!!

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