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The only thing virgin mobile are good at is removing your cash from your account
7 months straight they over charged us then we had to pay to phone them to get our own money back we now canceled the contract and want to go to court they had the brass neck to email us a how we doing survey today virgin are the worst company in the world
And sorry is their by word

Virgin Mobile

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  • Ed
      Apr 20, 2008

    after topping up my pay-as-you-go plan with a $20.00 (cash) card- without even using the phone- my balance went from $20.00 to $9.00 as if by magic! my phone calls have availed me nothing- and when asked for more information, they wouldn't so much as give me the name or address to whom i could speak (did you know that noone there has a last name?) they were rude and downright abusive- and then they hung up on me- three times! i am disabled, on a fixed income, and cannot afford to allow companies like this steal from me and then have the gall to laugh about it, or treat it like a joke. please help! or please point me in the right direction for my grievance. thank you for your kind consideration!

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  • Ed
      Apr 22, 2008

    virgin mobile is charging me for calls i never made and services i never asked for nor wanted. they refuse to give me any information about who to see or where to go about this- after numerous emails and phone conversations- they won't even tell me who i'm talking to beyond a first name only! they have been rude, uncooperative, and downright larcenous... and i'm not letting this thing go! can you help me?

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  • Be
      Feb 10, 2009

    We had chosen unlimited texting for $20 month and were under the impression that this was a regular top up just as when our balance went too low. However, news to us, You have to manually go in every month and redo the unlimited option or they charge you per text. I had $80 extra charges that no one at the virgin mobile could care less about. They said we should just have know and it was our bad and were very rude when I asked for a refund and for them to just charge us the $20 instead. Rudest people on earth and really got pissed when I asked to speak to an American.

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  • Ad
      Feb 21, 2009

    I agree with you about your complaint. However, the very company that is screwing people, Americans, Canadians and others, is AMERICAN. No matter what accent, what nationality, what colour its desk staff could be.

    What we have in your case, is an American company screwing an American citizen and somehow the foreigner is blamed. I am baffled!!

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  • Tj
      Mar 30, 2009

    In reference to the original complaint:
    "We had chosen unlimited texting for $20 month and were under the impression that this was a regular top up just as when our balance went too low. However, news to us, You have to manually go in every month and redo the unlimited option or they charge you per text."

    I just recieved a $210 credit card bill because of the same exact thing - and experienced the same level of rudeness when I tried to explain how that policy was never explained to me, etc. There were all to happy to just cancel my account instead of offering any type of discount of the ridiculous over charges.

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  • Er
      Jun 27, 2009

    I am on a Virgin Mobile monthly plan. They automatically took $79.00 from my debit card without my permmission! I get paid at the end of every month. I hadn`t even paid my bill this month yet!!! I called their so-called customer service and can`t get anyone that speaks english???? I told them to put my money back, and the woman got rude with me! She was like we can cancel your card for you???? I couldn`t believe she couldn`t understand what I way trying to tell her???? I`m switching service asap!

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  • Is
      Aug 15, 2009

    I agree 100% with this complaint. I have the same problem. EACH MONTH NOW, for the pat three months.. this company STEALS from me. I am on the unlmited plan. I "top up" on time. They accept the "top up" from my credit card.. And yet on the VERY day they they ALWAYS, without fail, start docking more from my balance for every text, phone call, and internet access, as if I'm not on their unlimited plan. Can range from a few dollars to a lot more, depending on when you catch it. YES, if you e-mail them and complain, you will eventually have the charge removed... but raresly do they do it on the first e-mail because their customer support people don't read carefully and they send you canned responses. This month I am on my THIRD e-mail trying to explain the problem and they have removed the texts but not the internet charge yet. Eventually they will.. but WHY should a good customer have to police this company EVERY MONTH to keep their billing system honest. This is a pathetically mismanaged company. Another customer service issue I had earlier this year (phone not working for IM's or emails) was only resolved after I wrote a letter to the President of the company at great time and expense, and then only after about another five weeks of waiting. Just unbelievable.

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  • Or
      Mar 08, 2010

    ask and it shall be given. especially if you ask it not in a rude way... :)

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  • El
      Dec 24, 2010

    I upgraded my phone contract 3 days before my bill was generated and they have charged me for the whole period at the higher rate. They tried to tell me they were correct because my bundled minutes were added when I upgraded so I asked for 2 separate bills for the period before and after the upgrade. This was refused because 'it doesn't work like that'. No it works whichever way is in virgins favour. I was made to feel like I was trying to steal something and it took 2 hours. I have asked for a transcript of the conversation, I admit to getting irate but it is like headbutting a wall.

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  • Jo
      Mar 25, 2011

    First, never give Virgin Mobile a credit card number, much less a bank account number. Only pay by top up card. I only use the phone for car breakdown emergency or when meeting or being met by someone at the airport. I have had the .18 cent per min plan requiring $20 topup every 3mo for 5 years. But they still play games by adding $80 to my account, forcing me to tie up my land line burning $100 off. Topup at least by their $20 card won't work on balances over $300. Anyone found a workaround for this?

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  • Jo
      Mar 27, 2011

    Correcting and adding to my above post: Before VM will allow a the $20 topup each 90 days, your account balance must be below $380. So before your topup date, burn down your account below $380. Then topup. If you forget and they kill your service, request a reset by email on VM website. They pushed my "you must topup" date forward 30 days. Then burn down below $380. Then topup.

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  • Ja
      May 17, 2011




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  • Ja
      May 18, 2011

    canceled contract and keeping the phones until they refund our money

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