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Virgin Mobile / terrible customer service, phishing threat

1 United States

1. They keep you on hold forever
2. They have terrible hold music, then terrible background noise--worse than the most awful telemarketers-- and won't call you back for better reception
3. They take way too long to get back to you if you email customer service
4. They delete your account info after 60 days
5. They won't give you your account info without a secret code , but don't send that to you in an email like most everyone else does
6. Their net software screws up so you can't get to your account and when you call they won't give you the info you want
7. They were incredibly rude each time I called.
8. They refuse to even mail your account info to you--despite collecting name, address and credit card info
9. They never recorded a credit card payment
10. Received a "notice" by special screen on the phone, followed by an email, that I was completely out of minutes, despite my record showing about 50% left; then after paying by credit card had minutes, but when finally got through to account info it had no record of credit card purchase--so this was either a phishing scam, which means they don't have their act together in terms of security, or their billing and account software is absolutely terrible.
11. Because of all that, I had to change my credit/debit card account, which meant changing billing info with my utilities, internet service etc and not having a debit card for several days--I have lost a day and counting to this mess.
12. ON top of all that, reception was scattered and lousy.

Thank god I did get stuck with any kind of long-term commitment. It was "Pay as you Go" and I WENT.


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