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I've just switched cell phone plans today from ATT to Virgin Mobile. A major plus in my mind when deciding to switch was the fact that Virgin's Beyond Talk plans advertise their rates as inclusive of all taxes and fees. This is from Virgin's website (it's also on the hard copy brochures, and I assume on all their literature about Beyond Talk plans) :

3G Nationwide Coverage You Can Count On
All Taxes & Fees Included, except those charged at the point of purchase
Pay with Credit, Debit or PayPal for worry free monthly service
Buy Top-Up cards to pay with cash

Here's the issue - when I called Virgin to select a plan (tried to sign up online, but glitch on Virgin's end did not let me) the agent said that taxes and fees would be $3.20/month!! I must be missing something, because if this were really a case of false advertising, it would have been on the front page of the Wall St. Journal! And the kind of lawsuit that class action attorneys could only dream of ...See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Washington, DC

I spent over an HOUR on the phone with the Virgin people, including a supervisor, and both of them kept saying that they understood I didn't want to pay taxes and fees, but that taxes and fees are additional!! I kept saying, but your advertising says "All Taxes & Fees Included!!" I gave both of them the above link, but apparently at their end, they did not have the same info (about taxes/fees included) on the page using the very same web address! They also seemed to never have heard of "All taxes and fees included!" It seemed like they thought I just didn't want to pay taxes and fees!

The supervisor said that because I paid with a credit card, I was charged taxes & fees. I asked whether there are any options for payment that would be a flat $40 (I chose the $40/month plan) without taxes & fees on top. All they could do was say that the'd send an internal email "escalating" the issue, and that marketing would review within 24 hours or so ... but that I would not hear back from them!!! I'm pretty sure they'll review and conclude the same thing as the two (very nice) agents I spoke with today - that taxes and fees are NOT included, for some reason that I fail to grasp.

I'm guessing that I may be confused about what "All Taxes & Fees Included, except those charged at the point of purchase" really means, and that somehow it means, you'll be charged taxes and fees ...??

The supervisor, when asked, said that I was the ONLY person who's had an issue with being charged taxes/fees.

I am a smart person! An ivy league honors grad, a JD, and most important, someone with lots of common sense! I really can't believe that I'm the only one who feels this is false advertising. I just hope I'll like Virgin ... but I'm already a bit exhausted with it!

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  • Ap
      Mar 25, 2011

    I sincerely doubt you are the only person who has a problem with this scam. And it is a scam. VM is increasingly becoming known for their dishonest tricks. Like the bait and switch they pulled on their broadband2go users where they promised them unlimited internet then switched it to a limited plan.
    They will keep pulling this [censored] as long as they get away with it and since most of their customers are young and think everything is disposable they would rather switch then demand service or honesty.

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  • Vi
      Mar 26, 2011

    I think the phrase "taxes & fees included, except for point of purchase" may mean the following. Over the last 2 decades, an increasing number of special taxes and fees have been added (rather quietly) to our communication services and utility bills. Some of these are federal, some are state, some are local county and city. More are being added even now. So, I'm guessing that the federal and state taxes & fees are included with the Virgin Mobile flat fee. The city, county (and possibly state) taxes & fees are the local "point of purchase."

    So, VM isn't lying, although their customer service folks are not as well-informed and self-empowered as they could be. And, it would be a huge administrative nightmare (probably) for VM to be able to track, collect and pay out all the local county and city fees/taxes which change regularly across the U.S. The real problem is not with any one company or person. As citizens, we've all allowed these fees & taxes to happen, and have often been too overwhelmed ourselves to take the time to be informed and vote wisely. As politicians, we've made it very difficult to access clear, honest information. As for-profit corporations, we've actually made it illegal to consider honesty, integrity or anything else more important than profit.

    The solution is to meet ourselves and each other with as much neutrality as possible, so we stop creating more conflict and problems. Clean up our own, personal act so we stop contributing to conflict and problems. And do our best to make decisions we will be happy with, given the options we can find. All of that is a TALL order. So, be kind and gentle with yourself, and with everyone else - as much as you can, and forgive all upsets as fast as you can. Drop them and move on. As a collective, we ARE becoming more honest, clear and loving people.

    Vicki Nelson -

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  • Ka
      May 18, 2012

    I also have an issue with any extra charges on the base rate as the Beyond Talk Advertising clearly states that All Taxes and Fees are included. I pay via my bank on a recurring monthly withdrawal.
    I talked to a consultant today who tried to tell me that my bank is charging me the additional $2.19 on my $25- plan. However the charge is appearing on my Virgin Mobile account.
    I believe they are unlawfully adding fees and taxes to my base rate of $25 as their advertising clearly said all fees and taxes included.
    Yes the support staff are quite terrible and are unable to resolve or shed any light on this matter.
    We need to take this to corporate!

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  • Ow
      Apr 16, 2015

    I see our post as being from 2011. When I read it, I thought "Someone posted my experience with Virgin Mobile". It is now 2015 and nothing has been done about the false advertising. Not only are they still advertising the lower monthly rate and flat fee, they still continue to give you the run around on the phone with customer service. I had a rep tell me I was not reading the brochure correctly after I read it to him three times and asked him how else it could possibly be read. At that point, we moved on to the tax subject and the English language barrier (my understanding him became hard with his accent all of a sudden) became so bad I had to talk to a supervisor. Supervisor was of no help and I ended up doing as everyone else has and paid the damn higher than advertised rate plus tax.

    I hope a soon to retire class action attorney reads this and quadruples his retirement plan from this problem.

    Owen McNett

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