Virgin Mediacharged too much

back in feb last year i downgraded my virgin broadband acc as i was on the highest tarif but my daughter had left home as she wanted to be closer to work (1st job) so no longer needed all the internet they provided with the tarif.. i downgraded to a tarif at £22.50 with £5 discount form first 3 mnths making it £17.50..12 mnths contract NOT 18 like they tried telling me i was on..6 mnths free spotify only got 3 and they said it was only available to new customers when actualy it was open to old and new customers with "BROADBAND ONLY" no tv or phoneline package included.. Never recieved my discount so i cancelled my direct debit after nearly 3 mnths of trying to get their attention with no luck what so ever in getting response(wasn`t getting another penny until they ammended) all i got was red letters demanding payment.. threatening letters unknown to them i know my rights as a consumer (adverse clause etc) that makes them in breech of the contract from day 1 of changing tarif. All that got sorted in aug/sep of 2013 to it all to start again, yes they have got me down for a tarif of £25 when i stated "YES" to customer services when he asked if wanted my tarif the same as the last £22.50 at the time they didn`t even have a £25 tarif. I am at the end of my tether with them as all they seem to do is offer me a discount of x amount if i pay????? why would i want a discount on something that i don`t have anymore as they terminated my services a long time ago, their ignorance doesn`t seem to suprise me and its their ignorance that has took it this far as if they would have responded to my emails etc whilst i was still recieving their services (before they disconected me) it would have been sorted a long time ago.
This is just a shortish breakdown of the complaint as there is more to it like the phone call i got off them saying that they havn`t got a tarif like the one i was saying i was on BUT i did, i even copied and pasted it to them lol patheitic they are also it was their own website sliders that chose the tarif for me. I have also loads of letters etc to back me up especially my contract from febs downgrade with my tarif and mnthly payment (just as i stated) when it first started in april time i have actualy a bill that i was £15 in credit and this bill was dated after i had my services restricted etc so how could i have been in credit with them but be in breech for none payment?? like i said they breeched the contract on both occasions (feb contract and aug/sep contract) infact i don`t even have a contract with them for the second (the one i`m getting harrassed for now) i got nothing through the post or anything just bills which is why i know its the wrong tarif they have me on as i signed (if i did at all) for £22.50 NOT £25 (reverse clause)



Jan 12, 2014

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