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I was contacted by VIP reader services and told about 4 magazines that I could receive for a one time fee of 19.95. But then I started receiving phone calls two and three times a day 7 days a week until I finally I was forced to change my phone number, Now I get bills a couple times a month saying that I owe 39.95 a month for two years. I am on Social Security and it is a toss up between food or medicine so I can't waste money on useless magazines I have tried numerous times to cancel but they don't want to hear of it

Mar 10, 2016
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  • Pe
      Jun 11, 2016

    I never chose any magazines, started getting trash magazines that I could not cancel. $19.99 turned to $39.00. Could not get to anyone, the collection department only said, we have your voice confirming your unbreakable contract. Six months later the said they would stop the magazines, if I sent them $550.00 to avoid a law suit. I even tried to pay that on line, several times but the line took my information, and the line went dead!

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  • Ag
      Oct 24, 2016

    SCAM or not. I can not afford $39.00 (for 24 months) to be coming out of my bank account for any reason let alone magazines I neither want or read. I called to cancel my account and was told the only thing they can do is lower my payments to approximately$ 21, 00 for 34 additional months. I was not told I couldn't cancel the account. Every time they remove $40 from my account something else bounces usually a utility, or I am left short on food or prescription medication money. This is so unfair. I, or anyone should be able to cancel something they are unable to afford any longer. Maybe $40 is not a big deal to some people but when it meand having your water or electric shut off or not being able to afford your prescription medications, i.e. insulin, it is a big deal! Is there any way to cancel this contract that anyone knows of?
    Mary Agnes Garrison

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