Vinted / non receipt of payment/theft from buyer/none postage payment

I am a seller on vinted. I sold 3 items. One item at a reduced rate. The buyer apparently pre paid for Hermes labels but on messaging her, she did not. So I paid for postage and posted the items. I have yet to receive payment for the 3 items or postage costs. I have been speaking with Eve and with singrida and now Tina from vinted and not one of them has processed this payment. So now I am out of pocket for over £40 And the buyer has got away with theft. I would not recommended vinted to anyone. I am 20 weeks pregnant, have a 2 year old son who is learning to cope with his father's deployment and have had additional stress and costs to deal with. It has made me quite sick but still vinted staff and buyers don't care. I will be finding every complaints site and leaving my review.

Sep 25, 2018

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