Vintednever received items that I purchased

I would like to submit a complaint against, a site where you can buy and sell secondhand clothing and accessories. I love the concept of a marketplace that facilitates reusing pre-loved items. However, their customer service is very disappointing. I purchased three sets of earrings from a seller on July 18th. I received an email from Vinted that the items had been delivered this past Friday, July 21st. However, I never received the items, although the tracking information says that they were delivered to my zip code (my exact address is not listed on the tracking information). These things happen - sellers make mistakes when addressing packages, or they get lost or misdelivered. However, I do expect the business to reimburse me if anything goes wrong; this is part of good customer service and helps to build trust with customers. I messaged Vinted customer support on Monday, June 24th saying that I never received my order. They responded today, July 26th, saying that because it had been more than two days since the package was supposedly delivered, that they couldn't help me and to contact my local post office or resolve the dispute directly with the seller. I don't think this is an appropriate response, and it ensures that Vinted's services are too risky for me to use again. I need to trust that when I hand over money I will receive something back for it, and that did not happen in this case. Vinted essentially stole money from me, and I'm not happy about it.

Jul 26, 2017

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