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i have transfered Rs.200 for videocon d2h but it is not recharged but my a/c is debited.please refund my money asap.transaction details
Account Number [protected]
Transaction Date November 02, 2012
Transaction Amount INR 200.00
Transaction Type DR
Transaction Description VbyV/PRCR/[protected]/[protected]:37:

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      Jan 06, 2014

    I recharged my mobile number [protected] on 01/07/2013
    and 12/07/2013 and 23/09/2013 after using my UCO Bank VISA Card. But I
    did not receive any recharged amount for any value and Rs. 2437.78,
    Rs1818.33, Rs. 632.36 has been debited from my saving account and
    service charges of Rs.12.12 (10/7/2013) and Rs.12.13 (18/07/2013) have
    also been deducted from my said bank account. My Transaction details are
    given below:
    1. VbyV/PRCR/[protected] Dated 01/07/2013 Rs. 2437.78
    2. VbyV/PRCR/[protected] Dated 12/07/2013 Rs. 1818.33
    3. VbyV/PRCR/[protected] Dated 23/09/2013 Rs. 632.36
    4. DIFF130701PERFECTPG Dated 10/07/2013 Rs. 12.12
    5. DIFF130712JOINPLANS Dated 18/07/2013 Rs. 12.13
    Please return the above amount at the earliest.

    Debjit Ghosh

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