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Neuvo Vallarta, Mexico

I recently complained to Vida and The Registry Collection giving them a chance to rectify the situation. A few days after sending the letter below The Registry Collection called me and explained that it was out of their hands. To this day - Vida has not contacted me with a response.
I even attended an "owner update" when i vacationed in Nuevo Vallarta and asked for an explanation. The response was remarkable in them giving me the attitude of they did'nt understand why i had a problem with being charged more for my deposits and them being worth less. Less to the point that i can not stay at properties that i have stayed at for nearly 10 years. Whats more, they couldnt understand why i would not spend more money with them for the time share deal they were presenting during the owner update.
The letter below is what i sent to Vida and The Registry collection. Beware of buying with them, apparently to them it is ok to change the deal we have with them at any point without notice. ...
Dear sir/Madame:
I am a very dissatisfied customer and have several issues that require your immediate attention.
My wife and I are owners at the Grand Bliss through Vida - we have been customers since 2004. Initially we bought into the Grand Maya and then upgraded to a "no maintenance fee unless we use it" benefit in 2008 and ultimately to Grand Luxxe in 2012. Eventually we downgraded to the Grand Bliss. These upgrades were substantial expenses that we incurred but we did so with full faith that we were working with an ethical and honest corporation. The downgrade was soon after the Grand Luxxe upgrade- this was due to the first of numerous disappointments and unpleasant encounters. We attempted to deposit a week with the Registry Collection- I was informed at that time that as an owner with Luxxe we no longer had access to the properties though registry collection. This was NOT told to me and I was misled in this upgrade. I lodged a formal complaint publicly and through a resolution process I was downgraded to the Bliss so that I could once again have access to the Registry Collection. This was a very unpleasant experience and challenged my trust. Several months ago another incident caused me to lose faith in this arrangement altogether.
In October 2016 we deposited our weeks from Grand Bliss with the Registry Collection. When I did, I split my weeks into a 1 BR and studio and was unexpectly charged $500.00 more than I have been previously charged. When I questioned this increase I was informed it was due to my unit splitting. I have been able to split units all of these prior years without any such exorbitant fee and I have not been formally notified of any such change to my agreement. This is certainly not the rules in which I had been operating for the last several years. I feel I was pushed into a corner so that I did not lose my time requests and reluctantly paid this fee that had not been adequately explained to me.
Once the weeks were with the Registry Collection, I called in to try an book a week at the Franz Klammer where we enjoy staying. I was told that the values of my grand bliss units were not enough to secure the Franz Klammer. I asked for an explanation and was told that the 5 points and the 4 points were not enough to get the Klammer that now required 17 points total. Nor could I combine three Bliss units as registry only allows a max of two units to be combined. I have certainly never had this problem before and told the registry employee this and they did say that the Klammer used to require only 9 points. I asked the question – “so under this scenario I can never stay at the Klammer in this method” and the person agreed that this was the case. During the conversation It was agree that I could use three of my until to stay at the Klammer in this one instance so I again reluctantly agreed because I had no other option. I asked why this changed and the Registry person told me that Vida directed them to change the point values. I expressed my concern that this was not the agreement that I had been working under for the last several years and had to ask - why had the rules changed? After the conversation it occurred to me that even with three units that had a 5 and a 4 value respectively I still could not get to the 17. This would also be the case at the Montecristo in Cabo San Lucas were we have enjoy staying in the past.
On December 23, 2016 I called Vida to discuss my experiences and spoke with Juan Carlos. He informed me that Vida did not assign property values which I can appreciate however my initial investments and ongoing maintenance fees were paid to Vida as well as the fact we were assigned to the Registry Collection by Vida, I felt Vida had some ownership in this situation and needed to assist in its resolution. Juan Carlos agreed to facilitate a three way phone call between Juan Carlos, a Registry Collection representative (Cindy) and myself. For a large part of this conversation I was listening to the other two politely argue as to who set the values each pointing to the other. Once again I was caught in the middle between Vida and Registry Collection.
The fact remains that we agreed to a set of rules and changes are being made at your will with no input from your patrons and certainly with no regard for our allegiance and loyalty to you- this loyalty is obviously one sided. We are not newcomers- we are loyal owners for over a decade. We deserve better communication and certainly more communication and interaction when such substantial modifications are being made to agreements we signed over a decade ago. We have made investments with you in good faith and expect to be treated in a fair manner. Attempting to schedule a vacation through our investment has become a miserable experience. I certainly accept that times change and situations have to be adjusted for incoming new customers but I fully expected that the annual 5% maintenance fee escalator along with new customers you bring in would handle these adjustments.
I feel I have been taken advantage of and would sincerely appreciate hearing from you as soon as possible regarding a resolution.

Jun 12, 2017

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