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Women flock to this place for the ultimate cleavage and "sales."
I have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars here because of one good bra and one decent pair of underwear. I have tons of VS bras and each one has something go wrong. I wear the correct size, I handwash my bras and a $60 bra is an investment as far as I'm concerned.
Underwires have come out at the worst times and made me bleed after less than a dozen times wearing them (pink bra). I just bought the T-shirt bra and after 3 SHORT uses the strap in front ripped. The VS push-up is totally useless to me after 15 wears. The fabric where the straps and clasps are sewn in ripped off completely. The Very Sexy straps come undone constantly and the underwires came out as well. The BioFit has been the only decent bra, but for $50 it should also be perfect. The straps never stay put. So I am out in public and they fall off of my shoulders and I constantly have to fix them. However, the material doesn't snag as much as others and they're cute and comfortable. The way it wraps around in back doesn't make me look like the Michelin man.
I bought a bra that had matching panties and found out the undies were over $17! But they were detailed with flowers sewn on the bra and panties, so I got them because I had a gift card anyway. Immediately after I wore them the thread started coming out and there went the flowers. Now it was just an ugly bra.
The embellishments attached on the bras usually come off within a matter of days from purchase.
Not to mention, everytime I check out I have an issue with the sales people. They ring another more expensive bra for the commission or tell me to get the wrong panties that are on sale. My friend and I split the cost once because they had a BOGO sale and the cashier kept reading the totals wrong (ie. one hundred seventy-five when it was $100.75 - "dollars" and "cents" would've helped a LOT) and it wasn't on any screen. So we politely asked her to check again and she proceeded to treat us like idiots - taking out her calculator and raising her voice.

In my opinion, each bra should come with an OPTIONAL WARRANTY for an additional couple of dollars - amount to be determined by actual price of bra, and then adjusted by the number of complaints on that product! Maybe 10-15% of the price of the bra. I would be willing to pay that, and many of my friends agree!

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  • De
      Mar 09, 2010

    I think Victoria's Secret bras suck! I have the same bra you've shown in your pics...I bought it in 3 colors! I HATE fact I don't think i've ever had a comfortable bra from VS, I love the idea of a lingerie store and everything but what do you do when the star of the show sucks? I do like their panties though. All the bras with the removable straps suck...the strap comes off half the time...and the underwires OH the time I thought I was shot because I was walking in the mall and felt a sudden sharp pain. Their bras are too pricey for the quality...but then again, how do you think they pay all the models...and for all the advertisements and print they send out? We are paying the models and the company so that they can advertise AND send out those nice glossy sales mags...One day I was at J.C Penney when I thought "hey let me try one of these bras" thinking they would be even worse...guess what? I bought 10 bras from J.C Penney that day...I don't pamper them, I throw them in the washer and dryer and they are SO comfortable! They fit me perfectly and they are very pretty...I have all colors of the rainbow...with some crystal accents...the underwires are still intact, even after all the abuse I put the bras through and the padding in the cup area has not dented.

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  • Kt
      Aug 19, 2010

    i agree, VS bras are very uncomfortable. i got a gift card for my bday and decided to by the PINK t-shirt bras. (2for32) i tried them on and thought they had a strange cup shape almost like a... cone? but hey its a gift card so why not, its not my money. also within the few minutes i had them on in the dressing room they felt pinchy and the straps were rubbing. i asked for a 38 instead of 36 and was told "there is no way your 38" and they dont even carry a 38 in that bra...why not? big girls need love too! any way, at the last minute i almost backed out and bought some lotions instead and i wish i would have now. the bra is so uncomfortable i almost took it off when i was working the other night...pinching-rubbing-digging, not to mention it looks like a am wearing one of those torpedo shaped bras from the 50's. Just call me "Missle Tits". i dont think i will be buying bras from there anymore-way too price and not worth it.

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  • Ca
      Feb 20, 2011

    I agree their bras ARE over priced & cheaply made, this wasn't always the case. Years ago they were made well & the fit was comfortable to the point you didn't know you were wearing a bra. I'd say until about 8 years ago things changed example:
    1) Material now bunches after wash (Body By Victoria) pills up- bra looks old & dirty after 1 to 2nd wash.
    2)On others the straps either stretch out too fast or have no adjustment as if all women sized same.
    3) The overall fit of bras especially ones with little to no lining.. they're made as if everyone's breast are firm & perky or have implants.
    4) The total design/shape of the cups were changed & now un flattering.
    5) Underwire poking out extremely painful on fairly newly purchased bras.
    6) Triple padding??? nothing like mentally screwing w/young girls heads to promote breast implants-bigger isn't always better. ** The miracle bra did the job-why go overboard.
    Don't ALWAYS trust their "FITTING ASSOCIATE"- Asked for "Proper"fitting (I always wore/bought 34B no hang over or bulge) It's been awhile & curious to be honest. I was told I was wearing the wrong size all this time & convinced me to change size to 34C, I debated & questioned gapping but gave in & purchased 4 new bras. $270. later & falling out everytime I bent over I never wore them again!!! I'm sorry but their isn't supposed to be a huge empty gap between you & your bra. She had NO CLUE what she was doing!!
    When asked sales person about pilling or wire, I get "you must be washing them wrong". All these changes were & are way too much for me where I now very rarely shop in VS & only reason I do is when a gift certificate is given & I pass it down to my daughter. She agrees the quality doesn't match the price, purchases Body by Victoria. She'll buy 4 to 5 bras to rotate thru the week (wears a sports bra 3 days of the week) & 2 months later need all new again they look so worn & cheap. Yes we use a lingerie bag even w/hand wash & Air dry.
    * I also owned the leopard neoprene feeling bra above-reversible my [censor]! May of been the very last bra I tried & bought from VS.
    I NOW prefer Frederick's online bras vs Victoria's Secret any day!!
    They Fit! They're Sexy! They're Comfortable as hell! & They LAST!! Their online panties are also better!
    Some may think Frederick's as too over the top & I agree w/that but ONLY with their clothing line.
    Lingerie/Bras/Panties are same styling as VS only more comfortable & made to be worn.
    Victoria's Secret will be the next to go under if they continue offering inferior merchandise..It's only a matter of time.

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  • Tw
      Jul 09, 2012

    I don't think they need to have an optional warranty. I think they need to go back to making the quality products that they used to make. I bought a new BioFit bra on June 16. Yesterday, after gently washing it in a lingerie bag, my new expensive bra was in 2 pieces. Completely ripped in half down the middle between the cups. Now we are not talking a small piece there, it was over 1 inch in length! I will be taking it back with my receipt and demanding them to do something about it. I still have some vintage VS from over 10 years ago in PERFECT condition. Anything I have bought the past few years has been complete garbage...falling apart easily!

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  • Vs
      Oct 30, 2012

    I had the same experience. One of my bras ripped in the middle where the cups attach exactly like the one in your first picture. I was afraid to wear it while I was out in public because I was afraid it would snap on me. Well, today I sat up in my bed and it ripped completely in half. I emailed them about it as soon as it happens, and if they don't send me a new one, or at least a good coupon, they will lose a good customer!!

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  • Vs
      Oct 30, 2012

    What things?

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  • Ma
      Oct 30, 2012

    Who wears a bra to bed?

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  • Vs
      Jul 01, 2017

    I have been a VS customer for at least 15 years. Their bras went from excellent to cheaply made. Never buy the pink bras, they are guanteed to fall apart within 6 months of light use. I have never had broken wires until the last 18 months. 3 bras so far. Of course it's my fault!!! Not the quality of the product. Corporate no better!!! I have been measured and fitted, they still snap. Cheap, cheap cheap! If they keep this up, I will stop buying as well. In fact, I am going to start shopping for a new favorite bra elsewhere. They do not stand behind their bras anymore either. No reciept, too bad, so sad. Oh and have fun matching your reciepts to all those bras...

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