Victoria's Secret / incompetent reps and manager doing online exchange

United States

I ordered a lot of items online during the semi-annual sale so it's first come first serve basis. This is at the tail end of the sale as well. I wanted to exchange an item I bought for my mother (cup size was large even though it was her usual size outside of vs). I called customer support for an exchange (third time I asked for an exchange). The first time they sent me the wrong pattern. The second because sizing didn't fit. Both "exchanges" were done different but they were processed and shipped. The third one (made on 1/22/2019) was done by a nice lady who admitted it was her first time making an exchange. She assured me that she had her manager look over her work. Since her procedure looked like the first exchange I did, I figured it was right. I'm the customer, how would I know what they do? Still, I had a bad feeling something was wrong so I pulled up vs live chat. Note: my order status was "order placed" bud she explained the order was placed incorrectly and will be cancelled. Wow! So I would've never known!! They didn't send out any notification! It's not my fault it was done wrong and I didn't get my item since it's all sold out (semi-annual sale). They firmly said it can't be backordered and vaguely explained fact, she explained she can't "backorder something that isn't backordered". Doesn't that remind you of someone trying to give the definition of a word by using the word itself? Ha!!!

After a long conversation she didn't solve anything. She didn't explain anything. She didn't apologize either. She wasn't nice but she sure wasn't mean. Honestly, I can't tell if she was a person or full robot. Thanks to your incompentent staff i'm suffering the consequence. I did my part but you didn't do yours. I am highly disappointed. No one called me back saying they did it wrong or tried to fix it for me. You can't even send me the item I want anymore! How do you intend on resolving that? No compensation for your staff's mistake. Your staff not acknowledging their mistakes. It's the biggest middle finger I have felt a company has ever flipped by the way their representatives act. Sadly, you're the first company to make me feel that way. Congratulations.

Jan 23, 2019

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