Victoria's Secret / holiday helper mistakes effected my credit and no one to help!

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Comedity Bank holds Victorias Secrets Angel credit cards and I am livid with what happened, Where does the buck stop? I made a very large purchase Oct 2018 and decided I did not want them so I brought them back Mid Nov 2018. Just before my statement would arrive. I was refunded partial. VS store associate was scanning items and took what she did not scan leaving me to go home with what she scanned and I was getting charged for the items she took. being confused... I kept returning to the store trying and calling VS to return items they claimed were "freebies" because someone made a mistake, yes, YOU! these are not free and I need to find out where the mistake was. Numerous phone calls to VS AND Comedity Bank that I have invested HOURS and HOURS over 3 months! And, no one helps! I have to speak separately for some reason? I wish someone from VS could PLEASE stay on the phone through out or its my word against yours and you aren't on the phone to help me! I finally had a manager help me at the Joliet Store and found two mistakes of many that were already found. because of her employee not returning items correctly. she took a pair of boyfriend sweats and never scanned it! then gave me the hoodie that she already scanned. This was only one in many mistakes made out of almost $2000 in merchandise! and because of her, it has messed up my credit report, I have the bank calling me each day, Comedity Bank only wants me to pay money they aren't interested in what happened or helping me unless I can get VS to help me... I go to VS & they tell me the same about the bank, so its a never ending situation as I continue to hit a wall racking up interest rates and late charges? yep, they tell me to pay the minimum until it can be fixed? that doesnt make sense! All the interest rates at 26.9% and late fee's which are NOT late since they have been returned and I have nothing in my possession. I believe there is still $280.00 left? if they total the late fee's they charged me after they have been returned and the interest rate they would see THAT IS THE BALANCE!!! (UGH!) No one helps... I hit a dead end each time and their collectors keep calling as my late fee's and interest have NOT been credited but, they keep adding them to it until its paid! If they would simply credit(reverse)my account of the late fee's they charged and interest rate it would go down to $0.
At 52 yo and trying to buy a house, this teenie bopper store is not one I will ever be honoring ever again.

Jan 16, 2019
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  • Aw
      Feb 04, 2019

    They are a hideous bank to work with they don’t care about the customer it’s just awful if it didn’t hurt my credit to close the card I would young kids on the phone rude and argumentative awful behavior hideous hideous hideous

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