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Verizon / overcharge

1 163meadowlark lnmineralwells, WV, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 3044891330

I signed up for verizon freedom bundle, with verizon wireless service and direct tv and internet, they told me for 134.99 a month plus taxes, and my first months bill 200.72 my 2nd months bill was315.67 my third months bill 202.08 they are charging me verizon games I don't have, I called and told them, they took a start up fee out my mastercard, for my wireless phone, the told me29.95 they took 59.95 plus 19.95 for directv, twenty dollars more than they was suppose to, I can send you copy's off my bill.

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  • Sa
      5th of Mar, 2009
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    They overchaged us too lately. We signed up for phone plus internet for $69.99. For 6 months it was supposed to be $49 because the internet was free. The first bill was fine. Then we got one for $137. The following was fine, and then we got one for $101 and then one for $81. My husband has called and complained repeatedly. They were supposed to fix it but they didn't. I just called and escalated it to a Supervisor in the Online department who agreed to credit all of the excess fees. Then I spoke to the phone department to put a claim on the account so that I don't have to pay my bill for a couple months while the phone department receives the online credits from the other department. Hopefully this should fix it. Craziness! We are dropping verizon as soon as possible!

  • Wa
      10th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    Notice how dropping verison involves asap, they set it up so that you have to pay large fees to drop them... so you can choose between being overcharged or paying even more to drop them. I had purchased a wireless card, the bill should have been just over 60 dollars a month. I had one month to try it out before I would be locked into a 2 year contract. It didn't work very well where I lived and the first bill was $104.30. That is after a hefty startup charge. I dropped them before the end of the month and my bill became $289.38. They were supposed to be refunding me for the return of the card, not charging me more.

  • Ce
      2nd of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    Yes i too got overcharge my bill was suppose to be 109.99 every month instead it was 264.00 every month for 14 month my contract expired and they tried to believe a customer service crappy worker that i agreed over the phone on a new contract on June 1st and she even said it sounded like me. How did she know it sounded like me? when i know for a fact i never made such a call, then later in our argument she change her story and said that they send me 2 e-mails to me on June 1st and that i agree to upgrade and for a new contact that will cost me 301.00 a month, and again i challenge her to send me a duplicate of that e-mail contract basically to forward back to me the sing electronic e-mail contract which that e-mail that she said i receive and agreed that i even gave my access code that how she knows it had to be me . i haven't open that e-mail address in more than 6 months and i don't use it anymore since i open a new one on a better site and had the old one forgotten, again since six months ago, i ask for supervisor never got any she still was trying to make me a believer on her made up stories by saying you probably erased the e-mail, i told her to stop trying to loan shark me i want that e-mail sent to me, now she said a supervisor was calling me the next day to talk to me about everything including the e-mail scam, nobody called so i called i quickly got through in less than a minute on the 1-800 verizon line the lady already was aware of my situation and played the good cop role. I'm Mr.88888 but there has not been a contract reach yet over the phone or via e-mail I'm sorry for that mistake..mistake you people where trying to scam me of more money with false allegations and the best think i recorded the entire conversations i have them lying and trying to scam me and threat me with a cancellation fee of 179.00 when the good cop role the next day said we can not charge you cancellation fee because we don't have any contract with you yet...what is the legal term of what they did to me mind you they took it on themselves to make a fake contract upgraded my package and since i have been getting charge since june1st on there terms and upgrading HD EXTREME service and i don't even have an HD television!!! like that and a lot more...

  • Di
      29th of Dec, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Same issue here, signed up for the 3 for 2 bundle with Verizon and 3 months later they are still overcharging me on my bill. No discounts as promised, no follow up by customer service reps, very frustrating. I want out but there are not many choices in our area. SOL

  • Su
      23rd of Feb, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I have written the FCC talked to 65 or more people at Verizon and all to no avail. They signed me up gave me two phones in an area they said had coverage when I took the phones back they gave me two more and said try these same thing again took the phones back and told them that I was not going to pay and they said that I had to pay early termination I said no, the last bill was 452.00 now several years later they (Verizon)sold it to another collection agency and now with late charges it is up to 2, 865.00 I joined the class action law suit against them and still nothing any ideas they have ruined my credit!

  • El
      29th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    Its not right how they are monopolizing the system with their wireless internet and $80 buck a month for just internet. Come on talk about American Greed. See you in the next episode Verizon on the next American Greed!!!

  • Ch
      12th of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I have the nationwide talk and text plan that was supposed to be $59.99. On my bill it says that my monthly charges are $65.95. The taxes are in a different part of the bill so it can't be that. It's only 6 dollars but that's an extra 72 dollars a year that I didn't agree to when I signed the contract. I don't appreciate being tricked and I especially don't appreciate being over charged. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Ch
      12th of May, 2010
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    CORRECTION* I sent them an email and a costumer service rep called the next day. The extra $6.00 was for insurance and is added to the monthly service charge. It's a little confusing but no ripoff took place

  • An
      28th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    Signed up with Verizon for bundled phone and internet services for our new business - first bill included over $200 of overcharges. Supposedly the agent didn't run the order through the 'bundling tool'. Charges were removed, but in my experience with Verizon they'll most likely return in a month or two. Is there no recourse? Shouldn't there be a penalty for Verizon for these kinds of 'errors' (always in their favor)? This is an abuse of their monopoly power and should be prosecuted.

    Warning to Verizon customers: inspect your bills carefully and make sure every charge is justified because this is a company that has institutionalized its accounting errors and must surely make millions (if not billions) from this kind of theft.

  • La
      8th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    I have my horrible story too: I had Fios with Verizon for a couple of years. I was going on vacation on 12/26/10 for a month. I called in simply to ask if Verizon had a vacation discount. Without properly informing me, the agent DISCONTINUED my services and started a NEW contract a month later that required a 2-year commitment and some $40 higher per month. When I called back saying I did not want a 2-year contract, they switched me to new month to month plan with lower services and higher prices. I requested to discontinue TV services. Every time I called back (waiting an average an hour) they corrected something and added other services without my authorization. The last time they added $20.98/month for Unlimited Games + Starz(R), and $10/month for security package (?). I called back, waited for an hour, they made some correction, and last week I received a bill of $276. I called in, waited, and waited... They gave me a new number $146, but did not tell me why, then hanged up on me. I believe I am still overcharged. Until now, 2+ months later, I must have spent no less than 10 hours and talked to at least 10 Verizon agents without proper results. MY CONCLUSION: Verizon agents are incompetent. On top of that, they are under pressure to sign you up for all kinds of services to get credits. It's a SCAM, causing unbelievable headaches to its customers. I am looking for another landline carrier, but I am afraid Verizon will continue billing me even after my services ended.

  • K2
      9th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    After your initial attempt to sort your issue out with Verizon – SAVE YOUR BREATH! These people are not interested in working with their customers. You must file a complaint with the FCC -
    or 1-888-225-5322 When I went to the FCC’s website who do you think is on their main page – Verizon. FCC just won multi-million dollar settlement from them for (among other things) overcharging customers!

  • Sa
      17th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    Verizon lies about every thing, I also signed up for the bundle deal, I was suppose to pay only $99.00 monthly.I knew that my bill would be pro rated the next month but not to the tune of $350.00, then the 3 month I though my bill would go back to the $99.00, it was $156.00 I flipped out, I noticed that I was charged for games that I didn't ask for, also I was charged $30.00 for Tech service which I didn't ask for.I called FIOS and they suggested that I try every thing that they had charged me extra for, free for a month since I only had the BASIC service. I got this mess removed from my bill, and then I get a bill for $168.00 plus a termination fee of $100.00 from a old DSL bill that was suppose to be disconnected and was not. I could not find any one to help me in Baltimore, the people that work for FIOS are very rude. I finally called the President of FIOS in NEw York and aired my grievances, the problem was corrected in one day. I will be leaving FIOS very shortly, it is worth it to me to pay the termination charges.

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