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Verizon Fios / terrible customer service!

1 Rockland County, NY, United States Review updated:

I switched to FIOS a few months ago. Verizon has the WORST customer service of any company I've ever dealt with. I signed up for the Triple Freedom package (phone, TV, and Internet). They set up my account with these as separate products instead of the discounted bundle. Our first bill showed 2 months at over $450, when it should have been $220. I called them, and was disconnected after being on hold for 15 minutes. I then spoke with a rep over online chat who helped me out, however, they would not fax an updated bill, even though were soon leaving for vacation. A few weeks later, we never got an adjusted bill with the credit, but did get a Final Notice that our phone would be disconnected if the $450 wasn't paid. My wife called back, and the rep retrieved the record of the chat and once again said a new bill would be sent. We immediately paid the balance online, for fear that their incompetence would cause our phone to be shut off. Two weeks go by, and we get a voicemail now reminding us that if our bill wasn't paid by the next day, it would be shut off. My wife had to waste more time calling them, and spoke with a supervisor, who admitted she deals with these same issues DAY AFTER DAY, ALL DAY LONG. She said we never should have received those disconnection notices, and that these issues usually clear up after three months (as if that makes it alright).

I also had problems early on, because I wasn't getting the fast connection that I should on my Internet. I would be on hold for 20 minutes at a time, disconnected several times, and get this: Once when I was being transferred to a cust. service rep, I was connected with ANOTHER VERIZON CUSTOMER who was also on hold, and another time I was connected, only to hear another customer's conversation with a rep - and heard all of their personal account details.

Beyond horrible experiences and it amazes me that the FTC doesn't have them correct their unprofessional, borderline fraudulent, practices immediately.

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      14th of May, 2008
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    I have been pleased with Verizon Fios service for a year now, but now I can not say the same. I made the big mistake of getting rid of my phone service because we never use it and keeping my cable and internet service. I was told by the customer service rep that I needed to set my account up with an automatic draft from a credit card because I no longer had telephone service. I should have never agreed to this, but was desperate to keep my internet service because I need it for school and work. I asked the customer service rep how I will know when I will be billed for my charges and she told me that I would recieve an email before I would be billed. This is where my nightmare begins...

    So it is less than a month later and I was checking my bank account and see a charge from Verizon pending. I get very upset to see this because I never recieved an email from them. I call customer service and give them my account number and guess what they cannot find any of my information. I had never had problems before when I had a verizon telephone number; I believe it is a scam that you have to have their telephone service to look up your information. I am transferred several times and have to tell them the same situation several times that I do not have a verizon telephone number anymore. Finally, I get to a customer service rep who is able to look the information up by my name. She informs me that they "send the paper bills out" on the 4th and 7 days later your bank account is charged. I ask her why I never recieved a paper bill and she tells me because I no longer have telephone service they just assume you know what amount you are paying. I then tell her that I was told that I was going to get an email and she tells me that is not what they do and that "I am pretty much screwed" and the charge goes through my account. I demanded that my credit card be removed from the file and send me a paper bill and she tells me that they CAN do this because I still have cable with the internet. She tells me that if you only have internet you have to set it up through a credit card. I am very upset to hear this because I was lied to earlier about having to set it up with a credit car. I also learn and this is really great that because I no longer have telephone service I will be charged $5 a month fee for this.
    So after countless phone calls and 300 minutes wasted on my cell phone bill and an overdraft fee because I was falsely informed of when my payment will be taken out I am still stuck with Verizon because I live in the country and they are the only provider out here.
    I would strongley recommend to anyone that you stay far away from VERIZON or if you do have to get them sign up for everything because without a verizon phone # it will be a nightmare to find your information in the system.

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